Monday, March 25, 2013

THE Mat!?

What is up with you on this decently fine Monday??
Or is it a fine Monday at all?

It's going alright here on my end. Today was day 22 of 30 for the hot yoga challenge! And in those 22 days, I've gone to 24 classes (I doubled up on Friday again).
For those of you who don't think it'll be a good work out, you have no idea. I was sore this morning and then today's hot fusion class was INTENSE. Like I'd rather do an Insanity video intense...

Have you tried hot yoga??
Would you like to?

The thing that's difficult about hot yoga is the mat. You sweat A LOT in hot yoga, so if you're just using a regular yoga mat, you eventually start to slip around...not so awesome. SO a lot of people have a special yoga towel to absorb the sweat so you're not slipping and sliding all over the place.
I've just been bringing a smaller towel that I keep moving between the front and back or my mat depending on where I'm slipping. Sometimes though, I'm slipping from both my method isn't working so hot (heh heh) anymore.
Since I'm loving hot yoga, I figured it'll become a fairly regular thing...and it will probably be worth my time (and money) to get myself a yoga towel.
BUT I've also heard really good things about The Mat (from Lululemon). It has a polyurethane top and a rubber bottom that supposedly absorbs all your sweat and gets increasingly sticky as you go.
So you're not supposed to need any towels with this one at all, which sounds awesome!
So, I got myself a nice pretty blue one...and I went home and started reading reviews online.
About 50% of people have complained of staining on their mats that just won't come out, but most of the people had really light colors. My blue is a fairly bright, cobalt blue.
But now I'm scared!
To be honest... this mat was $68 before GST.
Do I take the chance with my pretty blue and hope for the best?
Or do I take my pretty blue back for a plain old, boring black (unstainable)?

What do you think?
Anyone have any experience with The Mat??


Love you too.

xo T

(Got this picture directly off the lululemon website, this is the color)


  1. I am super impressed with your yoga challenge girl! Way to keep it up :) I'm not sure what to tell you about the mat question...if you paid that much and it does what it says, I'd probably keep it...but that's just me. Happy Monday :)

    1. Why thank ya :D Sorry I'm behind on your's taking me a while to get caught up.
      And I'm just uncertain as to whether or not I should take it back for the black. Haven't 'opened' it yet!