Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Did you know...

...on Sunday Daylight Savings begins? Gross? I agree...
I don't approve, but I guess it really doesn't matter what I think

Other than that, I don't have much to say to you...

George plays fetch sometimes...when he feels like it...until he gets tired and flops over or decides I'm some horrible predator and gets all hissy pants on me (though to be fair, I generally am terrorizing him...).

Weirdo...(but cute nonetheless - to me anyways)

Oh, day 2 hot yoga was more successful ;) I got there bright and early at quarter to 6!
And no bumpers fell off today...so that's always good.

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Caitlyn... can't believe he's coming home so soon! AH!

PPS. Nani, did you enjoy The Hobbit?

PPPS. Blizzards are buy one get one .99 cents right now (at DQ, obviously)...I had one today and it was awesome. 
(Turtle Pecan Cluster is the best).

OH! I almost forgot!

Mmmm~! ;)


  1. What was your second flavor of blizzard?? Your .99cent one?

    mmmmmm....I like Blizzards!!

    1. Haha! A few of us at work got one...so sadly, I didn't have a second one.
      If I were to have 2, I would probably get the same flavor or Oreo or Reese or Skor.

  2. The Hobbit was sweet! Thanks for asking! As for my favourite Blizzard flavor, Georgia Mud Fudge wins for me hands down. I once asked them to throw some mint flavoring instead of the chocolate and that was delish too!

    1. It was pretty sweet...I can't believe they're splitting into 3(!!!)movies. The insanity.
      That does sound delicious though! I'd try it if I wasn't so addicted to mine ;)