Friday, March 1, 2013

Should it stay or should it go?

First off, it just took me an hour to get home... AN HOUR. Traffic was awful and made me want to vomit with disgust (plus I was hungry...).

Speaking of hungry...want to know one of my favourite sweet snackies? My own mini fruit salad (kind of)! I cut up an apple and an orange (or more fruit if I'm sharing), sprinkle on about half a tablespoon of sugar, add a little lemon juice and BAM! deliciousness is born. ;)

(At least I think so...)

TGIF! I don't know about all of you... But I'm DEFINITELY ready for a weekend. ;)

How about you? Any plans??

No big plans on my end...clean the house, get some groceries, pack up some more things, and maybe look at some houses - we'll see...

I'll also probably go to hot yoga again tonight...guess I'll be flying solo as everyone is tied up (not literally...).

Another thing I've considered doing for quite a while...getting a haircut!
The last time I got my haircut was in August last year. That's not a HORRIBLE length of time, but I'd say its about time for a trim (mainly because I love hair cuts) ;).
But I have a mini hair dilemma on my hands... Do I just get an inch or 2 off to trim it?
Or do I take 4+ inches off??
I've been getting bored of it! Is it time for a change??

(Excuse the blind makeup-less mole rat)

What do YOU think?

WELL that's about it. Hope your Friday was alright and you're up to something pleasant this weekend... Whether it be exciting or nice and relaxed.

Love you too.

xo T

Weekend plans?? What do you think of my little fruit salad? Recommendations for my sad hair?

(This is my hair after the cut in's grown a lot!)


  1. Your long hair is beautiful! But sometimes it's nice to change things up, especially for spring....if you're feeling shorter, go for it :) nothing exciting planned for my weekend...a run or two, some apt hunting and reading...oh and a walk! I really miss walking!

    1. I needed change... I needed it so bad! I love walking :D! Any luck with the apartments??

  2. Cut it! Change is good! Embrace the change! I can't wait to cut my hair once it's long enough for a wig. As for my weekend it will be nice cause Joe is home, wahoo! We're gonna see the Hobbit tonight and we're even gonna splurge to see it in 3d. So exciting!

    1. I love the change! YAY JOE BEING HOME!
      Did you like it?? :D

  3. PIXIE CUT!!! You would rock it.

    1. Oh man! I don't think I could do that! Haha. You first!

  4. Everyday since this post I have made that salad. Except I didn't have any sugar, so I used honey... And I added kiwi and strawberries... And a dash of cinnamon... Or fresh mint...

    Thanks for making my days a little more sweeter!

    1. Good! That makes me happy!

      Such a delicious sweet treat...I have it fairly regularly ;)