Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Yoda

Ok, ok, ok. I'm here! Life is still good! The weekend came and went (too quickly for my per ush...).

What did YOU do this weekend? Any adventures??

Our weekend was pretty busy...but not everything can be shared yet ;)

What I CAN share with you is...

1. Scott has been in town since Friday... and he goes back out again tomorrow. But he shouldn't been gone too too long this time around. Spring breakup is here!

2. We went to Brava to celebrate our engage-aversary!
We got engaged February 15, 2012 and went to Brava that night before it happened (it's a delicious, slightly expensive restaurant {comparable in price to, say...The Keg}). We had planned on going there on our actual engage-aversary, but it just didn't happen. But it didn't matter, it was still delicious ;)

3. I showered George.
I don't shower George every week anymore... Want to know why? George is a big cat. Sure I can shower him, but I do get clawed...a lot.  So now he's all fluffy again (and I'm all clawed...) :D

4. I may have killed our Dyson vacuum.
Needless to say, Scott was not impressed. BUT, in my defense, I wasn't doing anything wrong! I was just vacuuming and then, all of the sudden, it quit. So, it sucks...but it should technically be under warranty because we've only had it for like...7 months.

I've now gone to all 3 levels of Moksha Hot Yoga (Moksha, Moksha Flow, and Hot Fusion) because I don't aim for a certain difficulty. I just pick the time I want to go and whatever it is, it is. SO, I've learned that the other 2 levels are fairly challenging but I love them nonetheless (not during the class though...).
Scott joined me on Sunday morning and I've now gone 8 days in a row - YAY~!

6. Daylight savings time sucks.
Why is it still there? Does anyone actually like it??

7. This weekend I got up at 7am on both days regardless of the weekend and daylight savings. (So I pretty well got up at 6 on Sunday... good yoga class though!).

8. Scott finally packed up his it no longer looks like a bomb went off - YAY!

9.We went out for sushi Saturday night with Ben and Frances :D It was delicious and fun.
...and then we went out for Blizzards ;)

10. And last, but certainly not least...I saw this sticker when coming back from yoga Sunday AM.

Is it just me, or do you find this awesome as well?? :D
Especially little yoda...

So that was my weekend... now share yours!

The sun has been out, and I hope it stays!

Love you too.

xo T


  1. We had the 4A zones this weekend in Lethbridge so I went to Keanu's games and they were awesome! I'm pretty sure he's the best player in his league, I was so proud!

    1. Not guys are bound to be awesome! It's literally in your genes...literally.

  2. Ahh I was up at 7 (really 6) on Sunday, too! I thoroughly dislike daylight savings time! But I'm happy you had time with your men this weekend...can't beat that :)

    1. Yay! We rock (or fail...depending on how you think about it)...

      No you sure can't... So Joe came back too, right??

  3. I am just going to say thus...I don't like that you are being all secretive! I disagree with it strongly!!! Just why??? And Farmers like Daylight Savings.

    1. Because it isn't ready to be shared yet!!

      And hmm...I suppose so. But there aren't many of those around anymore...