Monday, November 25, 2013

Cats Damaging to Mental Health?

Have you seen this article?
It's talking about how being a cat owner can be damaging to your mental health.
Every point is true though...
Oh great -.-

(Warning: there are a few curse at your own discretion.)

Now click and go!

Here's an example of #28...

I went downstairs for about ONE minute...
Come upstairs - BAM! Spot has been stolen.

If it was just a George, I would've sat at the edge of the chair. 
Well they win. Standing/kneeling at the computer it was. 

Stupid cute things...

ANYWAYS...did you see my last post??
Have you started making things Christmas-y around you yet??

I've added our mini Christmas tree, a few more strings of lights and we've also been running the fire which is oh so cozy~! :3

And even though the weather has been on the warmer side, the Christmas lights are festive enough for me!

Tell me about what's Christmas-y around you!
Also, what do you think about the cat article? ;)

UPDATE ON THE GIVEAWAY - everything is in order! And it will be coming out in just under a week! Get yourself in a Christmas-y state of mind and keep your eyes peeled!

Love you too. 

xo T

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I've chosen to make it feel a liiittle bit more Christmas-y at our house.
I don't really have many Christmas decorations, but I got out a couple for now ;)

To be honest, this is the main one. It's so easy...but I like how it looks :D
But I'll have to watch Bruce so he doesn't nibble away on them...

Another little thing would be my 'NOEL' letters...

These were made by Scott's sister Paige for us last Christmas!
And I'm going to be honest...that's all I've done so far x)
And I don't have much more to go!

But the two things that have definitely added to the Christmas feel...

1. Christmas music of course :D! It's time to start! I want to be thoroughly sick of Christmas music by the time Christmas rolls around!

2. Kittens jingling where ever they go (except at night...that's just horrible)
I started Bruce out in this one... look at his sweet little fat head!

I then had to switch him to the smaller bell, because you could NOT even see it 'moungst all of George's fur!

George looks so regal! ;)

OH! I almost forgot...
I also have a Christmas pillow ;)
annnnd of course I've got the Christmas scented hand soaps out :D

So this is how I've been making things a little more Christmas-y around here lately. 
Have you done anything yet??

Do share ;)

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Thanks for the kind words on my haircut :3

PPS. I've got everything sorted for the GIVEAWAY! Still coming soon :D!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Hair!

Hello my fine feathered friends!
I just ate ice I feel fat (oh please, don't pretend like it doesn't happen to you). At least I'm going to yoga in a couple hours. YAY!

Today was a good errand filled day, which is nice sometimes.
Did you see my last post?
If you DIDN'T, I was basically reminiscing on my giveaway last year and letting you know there's another one on the way!
AND TODAY, I picked up the laaaast few items. So I've grouped things together, and there are 9 options... 9! I'd say that's pretty awesome of me, no? ;)
And think how good your odds will be! Especially once you do all the things to get lots of entries!

Annnnddd that's all I've got to say about that for now. Just remember, it's on the way. I've still got to get a few particulars sorted...figure what will get you entries and decide when and how long I want to run it for. BUT IT WILL BE COMING SOON!
Watch for it.

Moving on. SO if you've been reading my blog for awhile (or if you know me...), you may have realized that I can be fairly impulsive. Especially when it come to my hair.
I think about what I want for a while, try to talk myself out of doing anything for now until one day - BAM!
I can't help myself anymore!
So I called a salon that I've gone to quite a few times, asked who would be available the soonest and booked it in (as I was driving to the mall...I guess I was hoping for the best!).
So I sat down and told her I was interested in getting some color in (I know, right?).
She said...alright, are you looking to go lighter or darker?
I said...I'm looking to go purple!
And she was all for it!
So this happened...

Looking good.
It was really quite exciting for me!

After half an hour it was time to rinse out and cut!
And after 3 hours with this girl (who was really quite pleasant actually), the final look was complete.

No, the purple really isn't all that drastic. From a distance, my hair just looks darker really.
But I still like it - a lot!
As for the cut, she didn't really take much from the length...mainly just layered and gave me bangs!
I'm happy!
Here's me today with the hair (not the face obviously...) au naturel after washing it!

(Actually, I don't feel like I look overly happy in this picture...)
Oh well. I know I'm happy.

And that's that!
Ya, I'm done for now.

Love you too.

xo T

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Happy 11-12-13 day to you.

Remember last year? 
A certain 12-12-12 giveaway?

Well, if I were on top of things, I'd be having an 11-12-13 giveaway for you.
But alas... I am unprepared. However!
There WILL be a giveaway coming soon!
Keep your eyes peeled!
Start thinking of Christmassy things!

Love you too. 

xo T

Friday, November 8, 2013

Flip flops, frozen toes, and cookies!

I think it may be about time to retire the flip flops for the season. It's one thing to have wet, frozen toes from the snow...but slipping around like a moron, that's getting too far.
It's hard though...flip flops are my favorite walking shoes.

Is it just me, or is walking the best thinking time? (Especially without music and phones and such). Just you, the path and your thoughts.
Today, I saw some McDonald's trash...from there I decided I really kind of wanted a McDonald's apple pie. I haven't had one for at least 3 years, and from my memory at least, I thought they were pretty delicious.
So one day soon...I will have one.
Then I remember thinking I wanted to watch Hercules. I'm not entirely sure where that train of thought came from...but it seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Recall from my last post, we had quite a bit of Halloween candy leftover. So to use up some of the Reese (even though there's certainly not a problem in that regard...), I made some cookies! And they were pretty scrumptious!
I've mentioned Sally here before (from Sally's Baking Addiction), and I'm sure I'll mention her again, but I basically followed this recipe for Ultimate Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies pretty exactly.
Chocolate, peanut buttery cookies stuffed with chunks of Reese and then drizzled with melted peanut butter! Mmmm~! So good...and also quite chocolately, so the good news is, you can't eat a bunch in a row (or potentially at least not AS many)! :D

Aren't they so cute all lined up on the right?? :3
Drizzling the peanut butter was the best part...

Those cookies on the left? Also a recipe from Sally.
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.
They were good....they just weren't AS good. But I'm not a huge pumpkin fan.
I wanted to be...I've tried it and don't mind pumpkin pie now...but alas, it will never be a favorite.

At the Early Thanksgiving dinner, I had some pumpkin cheesecake pie and thought it was SO GOOD!
So I thought maybe I would experiment with a few recipes using pumpkin. I went to Sobey's and the only pumpkin puree they had was a MASSIVE least twice the size of all other cans. And I was excited!

The excitement soon faded away...

I tried a few recipes...I realized I kind of find pumpkin puree to be repulsive...and then I was just done and I flushed the rest away.
HEY! You try dealing with that orange mush!
Maybe I'll just stick to eating pumpkin things that OTHER people make ;)

(PS. Apple pie IS and will ALWAYS BE the #1 pie...just saying...)

So that's that.

What do you figure?

What do you think of pumpkin?
Have any experiences yourself?
Have you retired your flip flops? 
OH! Any plans for the weekend?

Enjoy your weekend.
Trudy out.

Love you too.

xo T

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hibernating + Coconutty + Ice Cream Cakes!

How was your Halloween??
Do anything exciting?

As I mentioned, Scott and I stayed in to hand out some candy to trick-or-treaters. And it was fun! We didn't get too many though...probably 30 to maybe 35 max.

Are there more in other neighborhoods? 
Or is trick-or-treating not as big anymore?

Needlesstosay, we had a LOT of candy left over...

Good thing Frances and Ben came over this weekend! It was kind of a birthday get together for me...but basically it was just hanging out ;) We don't get to see them very often anymore, so it was nice! We sent some candy home with them to balance things out a little're welcome ;)

Of course there was cake...

Ya, ya...I didn't remember until I was mid cut to take a picture. You get the full picture though! A little morbid...but cute nonetheless. And definitely as delicious as usual! (standard DQ of course...)

The weekend before, I actually went out to visit some family in Strathmore and had a little hang out/birthday gathering again. It was a fun time for sure! And there was cake here as well...

Yes...another DQ cake. Equally delicious of course....and so dang cute!

So I've probably gotten my fill of ice cream cake for a little bit (you know, for like a month or two) once the leftovers are done of course ;)

So birthday festivities are done...and it's crazy that it's November! School has been going so quickly and it's hard to believe it'll be finals time in a month! O.O
Woah nelly...

That being said, school is going well. Though along with this November business, it has been looking winter-y the past couple days! Snow, ice, cold! Scott and I even had to finally pick up a snow shovel and some salt the other day. Boo

Though snow really isn't so bad when you can stay hibernated and all cozied up inside. In fact, it's almost peaceful to look outside at the gently falling snow.

Especially when you have fresh home made hot chocolate...

Nuuummmmmerz~! :3

We also have some freshly bathed, extra fluffy and coconutty smelling kittens! (Hey, it happens once a month!)

:D SO soft and snuggly!!

So Happy November to you!

Are you hibernated? 
Or what are you up to these cold, snowy days??

Also, did you enjoy FINALLY getting to turn your clock back??
Stupid daylight savings...

Love you too.

xo T