Monday, April 29, 2013

A weekend started with pizza is good

Monday, monday, monday.
You know, we only don't like you because you bring the weekend to a close and the workdays to a start. We tell you we don't like it, yet you keep doing it.

This weekend wasn't too busy for us, in fact it was a pretty good weekend. (I never remember to take pictures...sorry!

-Friday night started with a pizza party! It was out to Cochrane to Scott's aunt and uncle who have the pizza oven. Lots of good company accompanied by an equally large amount of pizza. Needlesstosay I was very stuffed and sick of pizza by the end. (Though I wouldn't mind some pizza now...)
(Nice to see Greg, Louise, Rob, Mel, Keira, Alana (and her kidlets), Holly, DJ, Paige, Addison and even Dawn for a bit).

-Saturday started with yoga (of course). Then I made some delicious banana bread, which of course I didn't take a picture of....but I can share the recipe if you like :)! (Very moist and vanilla-ey)
Then my parents, along with some friends (June and Gary), came up to see our place and new furniture. It was nice to see you all and because it was Gary's birthday, we went out for dinner at Swiss Chalet. It was actually pretty good! I had never been, and my first experience was rather pleasant. Everyone else seemed to enjoy as well. We also watched a bit of Puss in Boots which is kind of a cute movie :)

We then got a call from Scott 2 (my nephew) and his wife Chantae, they were coming in for dinner and a movie and they invited us to join!
(Side note: yes, this nephew is about a year older than me).
We were already pretty full, but we decided to join on the movie. The movie we decided to try was 'Pain & Gain' and I will say, we walked out of the movie. It was a bit much (nudity, crude, and kind of stupid) and the story line wasn't even all that good so we decided to head get ice cream :D So instead we had ice cream and chatted for a couple hours.
It was fun guys, we'll have to do it again soon (and pick a better movie...)!

-Sunday was more of a relaxing day. It was also a bath and groom George kind of day. He did pretty good and then he was extra soft and fluffy :D

How was your weekend??

Have you seen any good movies lately?

I want to see Iron Man 3...

(Some of you may like Pain & just wasn't for us, we watched the trailer before hand and it still wasn't what we were expecting).

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Did you see the house tour? ;)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Virtual Tour

You've asked for it...I'm delivering!

So as I'm SURE you know by now, Scott and I bought a house and moved in pretty well a month ago.
We've got things a little settled, so I figured I can show you what it looks like!

As you've probable seen, here's a view of the front!

'Tis a quaint little house!

Here's the front entry/living room area. 

Like our new furniture? :D

Here's a more full picture of the living room area. Want to come watch a movie?
We got the TV for a pretty good deal when we got the furniture :)

Can you spot Scott's polaroid collection??
He claimed the mantel as his own...

Turn to the left of the living room area, and you can see the kitchen/dining room. 
Right away, I loved the warm wood, granite counter tops and big fridge :D

We've even got ourselves a little dining room table now! 
 (It was Scott's Grandma's)

Right around the corner, there's the back door, closet and this little half bath.
AKA. George's bathroom. ;)

As you can maybe see, we need to mount something on the wall to hold the towel ;)

This is the view after directly coming from upstairs.
The door to go downstairs is directly to the left, right across from the kitchen.

I can assure you, there are no pictures of the basement because...
1. It's not developed.
2. That's where a lot of boxes/things we don't use very often are
3.'s not organized yet ;)
I will say though, the washer/dryer are both downstairs as well. 

Heading upstairs!
I didn't take a picture directly of the view, but you'll get the drift.
(This is the view from the master bedroom).
So on the left, are the stairs that curve around and to the left to go down. 
And you can also see this little built in cabinet. 
Directly ahead would be Scott's office, to the right is the spare bedroom and right across from the stairs is the spare (Scott's) bathroom. 

 Let's go to the office first!
Basically lots of Lego, books, etc and the computer.
Of course Scott made sure the office was the first thing all unpacked ;)

It gets really awesome light throughout the day, it's nice!

Moving to the right into the spare room...
Awesome paint, right? :D
The Lego flooded into this room as well, along with Scott's keyboard which is alright.
George frequently hides under this bed or cozies up on top.

Feel free to visit! But be prepared to share with George ;)

I didn't take a picture of Scott's bathroom, but I did take a picture of mine and they look fairly similar.
So use your imagination, and we'll move on...across the hall and into the master bedroom!

So apparently, I should've cleaned up a bit before taking the picture...oh well.
George likes to sit on the little black box and look out the window.
On the right you can see a bit of our dressers and directly past them is the walk in closet.
And to the left is the en-suite bathroom.

First, we'll go to the closet!

Yes, the closet needs some work. Those boxes are my shoes which still haven't been unpacked ;D
But it's pretty big, hey?
Still got lots of room in there! ;)

And over to the bathroom!

So this picture doesn't really show it all, but it's not all that exciting.
Tub/shower, toilet, vanity, mirror, little medicine cabinet type thing on the wall and a little window to the right.
Pretty standard!
Scott's is very similar except he has a grey shower curtain and no cabinet on the wall :D

And that's basically the dealio! 
In the back, there's a little deck, a small yard and a place to build a garage. 
We're hoping to build that either this year or next :)

Hope this little tour has been satisfactory. 
Any questions or if you're curious about anything...let me know!

Just because you've got the tour doesn't mean you can't come visit ;)
Really, this tour is unofficial...

Love you too.

xo T

PS. TGIF! Have a great weekend :D

Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's all run away :D

Why is the weekend over?
Is it ever long enough??

Not in my opinion.

I've been considering putting some pictures of our place up. You want??

You know what I want?
I want to go for a trip!

Where to?
Anywhere! Lets-a go! ;)

It was a fairly eventful weekend for us.
Let's begin.

Friday night.
Got home from work, watched a couple shows and then tried to convince Scott to go to Hot Yoga with me @ 8 PM. He's been before, and even said he liked it the first time around. But I guess the second time he went, it left a foul taste in his mouth...because it took a LOT of convincing this time.
HOWEVER we DID finally go and he liked it :D And he's even willing to go again - HOORAY!
It's fun to have a yoga buddy ;)

I got up on the early side (for a Saturday) to go to hot yoga AGAIN for the 8 AM class. Scott wasn't interested on getting up for this one, but it was a really good class :D
Then I came back home for a little breaky and to get a few things done before we headed out to pick up some groceries - yay food!
After getting everything all packed away, we both had to get ready because Ben and Frances would be coming soon!
We then got all piled into Scott's truck to head to Southland for some had been awhile!
We were meeting some other people there, but they didn't arrive til a bit later.
It was great to see Benson again and meet his new girlie, Kate-Lynn. Sorry things didn't really work out as planned, but we'll have to get together again soon ;)
Also nice to see a few people from the old crowd.

We were all swum out after a couple hours and were ready to go find some food!
So to iHop we went for some delicious, breakfasty (for me) food.
And then it was back to our place to watch Gladiator! Needlesstosay, Frances and I did not make it to the end. It had been a long day and we were exhausted! x.x

We spent some more time with Ben and Frances and had some more good food!
Then Scott and I got to relax together and I got things ready for my morning routine.

What did YOU do over the weekend??
Want to hang out this weekend? ;)

Love you too.

xo T

PS. I finally tried THE Mat. I ended up keeping the blue instead of playing it safe and exchanging for black, despite the reviews where people had complained of some staining.
I've only used it 3 times...but so far, so good - no staining!
Yes, it's a much heavier mat and it doesn't stay rolled up very easily...but I've decided that I really like it!
I'm able to stick in place MUCH easier than on the old mat.
HOWEVER, if the class is EXTREME hotness and I'm pouring sweat, the mat will still get slippery.
So I'm not sure if I need to get an actual yoga towel or if I'm good with regular towels...but I guess I'll see and learn as I go.
And in regards to the rubber smell, I aired mine out for a few weeks and also gave it a bath (yes, really), so it was not bad at all. Yes, it does still smell a little bit, but I don't notice it at all during yoga so it's alright.
So far, I like it. I'll keep you updated once I've used it a bit more :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Past Weekend

Ok, ok...just quick.

I was thinking to myself... Well, if I don't get the post up from the weekend, then I guarantee it won't be discussed.
So let's just get 'er done. Right? RIGHT!

Friday PM/Saturday AM, was probably one of our first 'major' (whatever that means) cleans since getting the house 2 weeks prior. Full on sweep, vacuum, mopping (well...Swiffer Wetjet), bathrooms, etc.
Looks good yo! Maybe I'll even get some pictures up sometime ;)

So why the big cleaning sesh?
Well first off, it was probably necessary.
Second, we had guests coming over!

Tyler and Holly! Scott's cousin (Tyler) and wife (Holly), whom we hadn't seen since New Year's (even though apparently I didn't mention anyone in the post...go me).
(They have a blog here, but it hasn't been updated in quite some time...*nudge nudge*)

Taco fiesta! We hadn't had taco's in a LONG while and we were craving ya! Taco's!
Holly and Tyler brought an apple, strawberry, blackberry - crumbleish dessert that was SO GOOD! Delish~!

Well obviously, LOTS of talking...but we also watched a movie as per Scott's request.
'Take Me Home Tonight' which is actually not that old (2011) but it's set in the 80's.

Here's the description from IMDb...

"Four years after graduation, an awkward high school genius uses his sister's boyfriend's Labor Day party as the perfect opportunity to make his move on his high school crush."

And that basically sums it up...with lots of great 80's tunes along the way!
To me, it was just ok. There were funny parts, there were stupid parts, but overall it was alright.
I'd probably only give it **.5(2.5)/5.
You, movie, were just ok to me. 

These were the main events from our weekend.
Thanks SO much Holly and Tyler for coming and for the scrumptious dessert!
We shall have to do it again soon :)

(OH! Sunday I also made these banana muffins courtesy of Sally, which were also scrumptious, no thanks to me not following the recipe all that well. Heh heh. And of course, I have no pictures. Just look at hers, they're better anyways. Just believe me, they're good!)

I know it's been a while...but what did you get up to this past weekend?

And hey, lets get the ball rolling early...what's your plans for this weekend?
(since it's almost here!)

Hope all is well out there!

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Did you see George? ;)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A George filled post, full of...George!

You know you've missed him and need some pictures...STAT!

Through all he craziness that's been happening lately, here's some George!

When we were packing up/moving, George was hiding (because he's a scaredy cat) and then he had to stay in his little crate for quite a while. After I did open the door...he wouldn't come out! There was still too much going on and too many loud noises.
When he did finally feel safe to come out, he LOVED the new place...roaming free, running up and down stairs and finally he could easily look out windows whenever he wanted!

The day after we moved, we had to pack up George AGAIN and head to Scott's parents for Easter. George wasn't too impressed, but eventually he was just so tuckered!


And then, I talked about Ben and Frances hang outs! George is very familiar with Ben and Frances...and he always strives to get the attention and love from the person that gives him the least attention.

That person being Ben. We were all a little bit jealous inside. 

I bet no one is jealous of getting to shower George.
But now that we have a bathtub, I could finally try George out in a bath!

The Verdict?
He didn't mind it! Which is awesome! 

Will he ever love it?
Probably not...but that's ok!

Sure he tried getting out a couple times, but it wasn't NEAR as bad as the scratched up mess I am after showering him. 
YAY for baths!

Though he may look it, he wasn't all that traumatized after. 
He was running around like a mad cat within minutes!

Here's a two-headed Sceorge!

Which head do you think is cuter? 
Don't worry, I won't Scott doesn't even read :D
But George TOTALLY does.

Here's 'fraidey George again...

Yes George, I believe the vacuum is out to get you. There there.

And yes, sometimes Ben gets more cuddles than the rest of us.
But deep down, I know you love me too...sometimes.

To the average, not Ben, person...snuggle sessions like this come rarely. 
Take advantage!

And this is one of my fave's and made me laugh!

I've been waiting for you Mr. Bond...

And THAT is your George update. He's loving the new house and, though he's getting bigger, he's still a cutie bear! (At least I think so...)

Don't worry, I'm sure George missed you too. Then again...likely not...unless you're Ben that is. 

Love you too. Meow. 

xo T

PS. How was your weekend? 
I'll hopefully get an update in, within the next couple days. 

PPS. My heart goes out to all those effected by the Boston Marathon. It was very shocking...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Host

Ok, not a ton has been going nothing really to talk about.

Living life, y'know?

This past weekend, Scott and I got some Ben and Frances time in again. YAY!
Pretty well half the day! It was nice :)
(After a morning Hot Fusion class with Paige...challenging, but awesome!)

It started out at our place and then we ventured into the land of downtown Calgary!
Did I take any pictures? No. Because I'm the worst blogger ever -.-
It was a cold, foggy day.
Frances had to take some pictures at the Olympic Plaza for a project for school. Scott was taking pictures as well, because he likes to. I was just meandering around being all chilly like...ok, I was also terrorizing all surrounding birds because that's what I do.

We then headed back to our place, after picking up Wendy's :D YAY!

Then Scott and Ben went to Conference and for wings while Frances and I had our own adventure.
Started with grabbing a couple groceries quick while some 50% off Easter candy was also gotten, then back home quickly and then to the movies!

What was in store for us?
The Host!

Heard of it?
Based off a book written by Stephenie Meyer (yes, think Twilight...). But in my opinion, this book was BETTER than the Twilight series. Nothing to do with vampires.
Basically the premise being that since humans are so violent, they're slowly killing each other off SO another species steps in.
Not aliens like you see in other movies, but basically, an alien like thing. They're small and can only survive while either implanted in another being - a host! - or if in a special capsule to travel between worlds.
However, after the humans are being hosted, they're no longer themselves...and their will and personality can slowly fade away.
The story follows a girl and a few surviving humans that haven't been taken over.
That's all I'll say in regards to the story.
I personally thought it was very well cast and I liked it!

My rating of this movie will probably be a little off because I haven't seen a movie in quite a while, but I'm actually going to give it ****(4)/5! I enjoyed it!
It's definitely a little bit more on the chick flicky end of things....but I recommend it regardless! Any other questions, feel free to ask!

Sunday, we went to Rob and Mel's place for a crepe feast while Conference was on. It was VERY delicious...thanks Rob and Mel (and little Kiera)!

There's a few things to share in regards to George, but that can wait for another day ;)

How was your weekend??
What movies have YOU seen lately?

Love you too.

xo T

Friday, April 5, 2013

All Caught Up and Easter Bunny Visits

3 posts this week?!
That's probably a record since...Christmas.

My life is pretty boring guys. I share with you when something happens, but even when something's not always exciting.

So as I told you, we just bought a house.
And I can share a post on the process if you'd like.

It was actually only conditionally sold at this point... but oh well! You get the drift ;)

I also just finished my 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge!
But the yoga hasn't stopped there! I realized I loved it, and have still been going every morning!
Though I'm not longer going to FORCE myself to go everyday, I will keep going when I feel like it because I love it! But I do want to add some regular workouts back in as well ;)

There's just a couple more things to update you on to get you all caught up to date!

Easter! So we moved into the new house on Good Friday, completed our inspection to get the damage deposit at our old place back around noon on Saturday. From there, we continued on to Scott's parents house for an Easter feast(er)! Turkey and all the delicious fixin's...including pie ;) It was delcious!

Sunday around noon, it was back to the new home to try and get some things done!
Luckily, Monday was a holiday! So I headed to some hot yoga with Mel and then came back home to be pleasantly surprised by my own Easter egg hunt!
Needlesstosay, it was a little excessive...deliciously excessive!

Don't worry, we're still working on it ;)

Other than that, I've still been working and Scott's on spring breakup right now (lucky duck...). We're still trying to get everything all sorted out!
So far, we've basically gotten...
-most of the kitchen
-our clothes
-Scott's office
-and the living room/electronics are slowly coming together.

We got a new TV...a big TV. We also ordered a couch which should be here in the next 3/4 weeks - YAY!

You're all caught up ;)

So how was your Easter? Any visit from the Easter Bunny? ;)
And what's your update??

Love you too.

xo T

PS. It's Friday! Have a good weekend! :D