Monday, March 4, 2013

To cut!

The weekend came and left far too quickly for my likings...

So I got my cleaning done, a little more packing up, looked at some houses and... GOT MY HAIR CUT  YO!

Is it really that exciting? Well maybe not to you...but I was excited :D

So Friday night...I went to hot yoga on my own (which is fine - good class!), then I got home and partied (and by partied, I mean I went to bed). ;)
It was such a beautiful sunny day too!

Saturday...slept in! (Til like 8...lame right?) Then I did my little workout, my cleanings and laundrings, my shower and clothing myself and then I headed to the mall.

So I went from this....

To this! What do you think?? :D

Really you should just be happy I put some mascara on for all y'all. ;)
Anyways, I like it! It's so light and it even flows back with the wind from me walking! I didn't realize how heavy my hair had gotten til I chopped many inches of it off. YAY! It was quite the carnage pile on the floor, I assure you...
Then I went and saw a few homes!

Sunday I could NOT was horrible. I was wide awake yet felt dead to the world when I was awake by 6. :<
So after laying in bed all cozy with George for another hour or so, I eventually got up and looked at this horrible sight...

Ew~! The weather was like 12 above on Friday!
And after a few hours is wasn't looking any better...

This morning I was digging my vehicle out of a mound of was rather unpleasant.

But today also marked day one of my 30 day hot yoga challenge! So far so good! I actually missed the class I originally planned on going to. I don't know if the schedule changed or what...but apparently the class was at 6 and not 6:30, so I missed it. I was there by about 6:15 and the next class wasn't until 7:30. I decided I was there and I was at least going to get a little workout in! So in the hall I was doing my thing until about 7 and then I started feeling sad that I was missing my first day of the 30 day challenge (because there was no way I was going back later...).
So I called and asked if I could come in a little late so I could catch some yoga... and that's what I did!
And then the drive to work was horrible with traffic and snow and whatnot.
And then my bumper fell off.
True story.

All I can say is, this snow better go away quick :l

Was your weekend more exciting than mine?? Do tell!

Love you too.

xo T


  1. oh the snow here :)

    But your hair looks fabulous and congrats on your hot yoga challenge! I wish we had that here....

    Love ya Trudy!


    1. You lucky ducklings...

      But thank ya! No hot yoga there??

      Love you too!

  2. You look gorgeous!! I love that hair cut :) I'm sorry that you had such an adventurous start to the day (and that you weren't able to sleep yesterday...happens to me allll the time so i feel your pain), but i'm glad you got your challenge in! Here's to a good night and a better start tomorrow :)

    1. Thank ya! :D I hate not being able to sleep :( It's quite terrible...
      I had an alright sleep thanks! haha. And the day has been much much better!

  3. Hair looks great!! The blizzard was horrible down here!! AND, are you guys looking for another place to rent, or are you going to be a home owner??

    1. Definitely horrible here as well... no way I was leaving cozy home on Sunday...

      And oh, maybe it's a surprise ;)

    2. BOOOO!! I no likey surprises! Yes Sunday sucked balls...Zac was being a good friend, and went to pick up stranded friends and give them a ride home, and had his first fender bender...Now, his Rover is sad & damaged!! Winter stinks, winter in the springtimes stinks even worse....I guess we all learn the hard way!

    3. Also....why wasn't "TO SHAVE" an option?....that was the best hairdo I ever had!!!

    4. I wouldn't be a good friend... haha. I hate driving in the snow. Too bad for Z though - that sucks!
      Winter does indeed stink, it stinks very badly.

      To shave is always an option at the back of my mind...but never actually an option. I do somewhat enjoy hair...
      But if it was your best one, maybe you should go for it again? ;)

  4. Hahahahahaha. I'm sorry, but when I read "And then my bumper fell off" I burst out laughing. That is very unfortunate. Why do you have such bad luck with vehicles???

    Like the new do though! Very fresh!

    1. Isn't it horrible?!?! Haha. I was rather annoyed...
      I wish I knew Nani, I wish I knew...

      Thanks :D