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Well hey there! My name is Trudy Johnson, I've been blogging since the beginning of 2010 here. Although things were alright there, in February 2013, I decided to switch things up a bit and start this blog (Trudy Talk).

I'm an October baby (which is the best month obviously), and I'm somewhere in my 20's ;)

I grew up on a farm and I have a VERY large family. Although I don't always get to see them too often, I love them all a lot. I'm also quite fond of the friends I have (you guys know I love you ;)).

My favorite color is green, and maybe purple too, and blue - ok, really I just like most colors.

I'm quite fond of food. I'm an alright baker (and I have fun with it) and I can cook well enough (if I have a recipe). I will say I'm more of a fan of simple foods...like KD, toast, grilled cheese, fruit, and most importantly CEREAL :D
I could {and yes, I have done it} eat cereal for EVERY meal of the day. Mmm~!
And my favorite? ICE CREAM! Technically I could also eat ice cream for every meal of the day, but that's frowned upon in most social circles.

I love music and quite enjoying hearing new things. I used to sing quite a bit in choirs and whatnot, though I still sing for my own enjoyment. I once started learning the guitar...but I haven't touched one of those in probably a couple years. Oops.... -.-

About a year ago {almost exactly a year ago really}, my good friend Scott and I got engaged! We then proceeded to go through a bunch of stressful planning {and considered eloping on numerous occasions} and with a LOT of help, we FINALLY got married in July of 2012!

Soon after, we had a honeymoon baby! His name is George and he's a kitten ;)
I frequently post pictures of him, but here's a more recent post with lots!

And our most recent big change?
In March of 2013, Scott and I decided it was time to buy a house!
We moved in on March 28th and you can see a mini tour here!

A few months later, we decided George needed a furry friend.
And Bruce was added into the family!!

And that's about it for now! Hope this gives you more of an idea of who I am and what I like!
Now tell me about you!
Any questions...email me! trudyjohnson11@hotmail.com

(PS, I have full intentions of editing this until it's to my satisfaction...I'll also eventually add pictures - YAY!)

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