Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Scott and I are kind of grown up.

Hey! So I've wanted to update you guys...but there has been NO TIME!

Many of you have heard through the grapevine, or seen in comments and so on...but I haven't OFFICIALLY said it.

As you probably noticed, I had been doing a LOT of packing lately because our lease was actually up on March 30th. Yes, it was a short lease...we only signed on for 9 months because we knew we wanted to start looking at houses as well.

But did we end up looking for houses? Ya...no.
Scott was gone a lot, and I was not only busy, but it was very difficult to look at houses and share with Scott when he couldn't really see them in person.

Suddenly, April was FAST approaching and we had gotten nowhere...so I realized something had to be done. I started covering all my bases...
1.asking for an extension in our lease if necessary
2.looking at house possibilities
3.looking at other rent possibilities (because really, we were just kind of sick of our property management company and needed a bit more space).

I began to realize that unless we really couldn't find anything we wanted to buy, renting was kind of ridiculous to continue. We were wanting to buy a house soon regardless, and at least the money going towards rent could go towards the impending mortgage.

So I did a lot of internet researching on houses and then set up some appointments and really fell in love with one in particular. It was a nice community, and a very nice, and not too old, little home. So I contacted Scott, sent him the link and told him we'd have to act fast if he thought he'd like it at all. So, he said it looked nice, he trusted my judgement and we made an offer (with conditions of course).
He then made arrangements to finally come see the property and he approved! Our deposit was in and then a bunch of crazy business had to happen to get this all done in time, for possession March 28th!
It was a busy busy time. BUSY BUSY!

So we got all packed up and had possession on the 28th, got a few things taken care of that day, and then we had a big moving day set. Good Friday (the 29th)!
We told everyone to arrive about 10am, but some people (my parents) began arriving around 9:30. So we just started hauling everything outside quickly to get ready to load into all the helping vehicles/trailer. We had lots of help and we were all quick workers! Everything was out and loaded up in about 2 hours!

We then went over to the new place to unload while a few stayed behind to do the few last minute cleanings.
Again, everything was unloaded quickly and we even got some things unpacked and set up!

We had an awesome crew and appreciate all the help SO MUCH~!
HUGE thanks to...
- Scott and my parents (the trailer was a huge help!)
- Paige (Scott's sister)
- Rob (Scott's brother)
- Ben and Frances
- Dave
- Daniel
You were all AWESOME!
(And a big thanks to Ben, Frances, and Daniel for staying later to help things get set up and then hang out).

I had another picture to put up...but I just can't figure out how to edit it at this moment. So for now, here's a picture of the house - our house!

This is all I really have time for today... but that's my exciting news :D

My hot yoga challenge is done. But no time to discuss that today!

Would you be interested in hearing about the home buying process? Is that just common sense?
Haha. Let me know!!

I haven't been update with the outside world...what's new with you?? And how was your Easter?? :D

Come visit ;) (OR pay for us to come visit you! Because ya...we're on the broke end of things...).

Love you too.

xo T

PS. I'm a GREAT aunt now. Crazy, hey?
(I mean I've always been a great, as in awesome, aunt...but now I'm a great aunt as in a nephew of mine, and his wife, had a baby). Congratulations to you guys!


  1. That is AWESOME! Congrats you guys! Your house looks adorable. Can't wait to come visit one day! :D

    1. Yay~! Thanks! And yes indeed ;) You should bring a bun for the oven -.-