Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A much needed update...

Oh Lordy!
Many a month have gone by. Woops!

Well, as some of you have been asking and I have been horrible at getting back to you, I figured I should get an update of sorts up!

I was a bit busy for a time...updating my resume, applying around and going to interviews.
At least it paid off, because a few weeks ago now, I landed myself a position with Papa Chocolat which is Bernard Callebaut's new start up (for those of you who didn't know).
So that has been going quite well! I feel like I've been working there for ages because of how busy it has been for Easter *.* But we all made it through. I've even had experience working at the Farmer's Markets (which is a whole different ball game).

Scott has been working with his brother while trying to find a job in his field. So I suppose that's going alright as well!

Besides that, life has been pretty regular for us!

The winter here has seemed ridiculously lengthy and I am MORE than ready for Spring/Summer. Maybe a trip to Texas is in order ;) (I wish...)

Speaking of Texas...lately I've been missing some of my sisters that are across the world! You guys know who you's been a long time!
My dad is also kind of in poor health lately so I'm always sending positive thoughts his you Dad!

Other than all this, just hanging out I suppose!
We've gotten to spend a decent amount of time with Benson and Kate-Lynn lately. It's been fun!
I've also been missing some fairly long time friends Ben and Frances (and May)...come home already!

Oh! I've also tried slurpee with soft serve ice cream swirled in.  Oh my goodness *.* so good!

My precious Subaru is now 6 months old and had to get her first oil change...still enjoying her for sure!

We have also gone to see Divergent and the new Muppets Movie.
Both were just kind of meh to me.
Divergent the book was much better (of course), so the movie was just okay to me.

I've been hanging out on Instagram a lot lately! So you can find me...@_trudles_
I've even started using ridiculous...

And yes, that's really it.

So how's it going out there?
What's new with you?

Hope all is well!

Love you too.

xo T