Monday, March 18, 2013

Half way!

Today marked 15 days complete of the 30 day hot yoga challenge...yay me!

So far, I've gone 16 times in 15 days. I doubled up when I went again Friday night...just in case I had to miss a day over Easter weekend or something.

Friday night, Mel (my {technically Scott's} SIL) came with me... and she loved it! YAY!
And then we were naughty....we went to DQ. What can I say, I did yoga twice that day! I was already craving ice cream, and when Mel suggested it...I was all for it ;) Twist my rubber arm!

Saturday morning, Paige (Scott's sister) and I went to hot yoga. It was a really good class that we both enjoyed :D

Here's to 15 more days of hot yoga!

I don't know what it is...but the past week I have been having the craziest crazy dreams. They're not for sharing, but all I'll say...they're weeeeiiiiirrdd.

Other than yoga, basically all I did this weekend was get a few groceries and more packing!

How was your weekend?? More exciting than mine?? 
 Mine is hard to beat ;)

When I went grocery shopping, I picked up a regular old coconut. 

I was SO excited, until I finally cracked it open and found MOLD! Boo! Hiss~!
I didn't take a picture because my poor little coconut-less heart was crushed. And yes, I threw away the coconut water moldy coconut water for me, thank you very much!

Scott told me I should've returned it, but no way was I taking a moldy coconut in a bag, out in the snow, when I was already in my cozies, just to get another coconut. So needlesstosay, I'm still coconut-less.
Next time...

Do anything for St. Patrick's?
No...I sure didn't.

Love you too.

xo T

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