Friday, August 30, 2013


You remember how we're looking at vehicles??

Well yesterday, not only did I get to see Whitney (I've missed you!), but she also came with me on my final test drive of...Subaru's!

I drove an Impreza, Crosstrek, Outback, and 2 Foresters. 

Why 2 Foresters?
Well because one was Turbo, meaning it was ridiculously speedy and awesome (and expensive...).

I liked the Impreza, but it was a little small for my likings. 
Crosstrek was better. 
Outback...not a big fan. 
Forester...was fun :) Nice and spacious. 

I really enjoyed it!

Anyone know much about Subaru? 
They seem like a good, reliable brand that holds their value well. 

I appreciate all the advice and opinions I've gotten so far...
Anyone have anything else to add?
Any more thoughts?

Thanks again!

Love you too. 

xo T

P.S. I bathed my kittens today so now they smell like coconut delight and are extra soft and fluffy :3

Monday, August 26, 2013

Zoom zoom - Help me!

In my last post, I mentioned I've been test driving some I'll share more on that today!

At first, we were looking at used vehicles but with the way financing and rates and warranty are, it almost seems best to get brand new.
What's your opinion?

So far, I've mainly been testing out SUV's. I like being higher off the ground, I like the spaciousness, and I like the option to have AWD or 4WD.

They're all fairly comparable...but I will share a few things about them and what I've driven so far.

Tucson: I liked how it was a nice compact SUV...but it felt very gutless.
Santa Fe: Very nice, was revamped and is now comparable to luxury vehicles. Bad blind spots. But powerful.

Journey: Horrible...'nuff said.

CR-V: Quite nice with some cool features. Very of the highest safety ratings.

CX5: Zoom zoom! Felt speedy. Very light. Has sensors on the mirror if someone is beside you. One of the only one's made in Japan.

Escape: Wasn't a fan of the interior. Quite expensive for features that come standard in the others.

Trax: Nice and small. Gutless.
Equinox: Powerful because there's a V6 option... but a little big.

Matrix: Larger car. Was fun and compact but still prefer the space of an SUV. But little to no blind spots.
Rav 4: Not as bad blind spots as other SUVs. Nice interior. Fun ride.

Rogue: Very similar to the Mazda...exterior and ride wise. Doesn't have the sensor on the mirrors like the Mazda...but has slightly bigger mirrors for more visibility.

One bad thing about these, is most of them are pretty bad for visibility...but you (or I, rather) would just have to rely on mirrors more.
And I am still wanting to test out a couple Subaru's.

Have you heard anything about these?
Any opinions/experiences would be appreciated :)

Love you too.

xo T

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August Update!

Ohhhh, why yes!

I'm not going to make up excuses...I haven't felt like blogging, so I didn't!

So today will be update day - HOORAY!

  • Scotty is back out at work (and has been for a while now)... Yes I still miss him and I have gone out to visit him once so far as well as he's only a couple hours away. (But he still needs to stay on site all the time).

  • Bruce and George are still up to no good. Running around one minute and then collapsing in a heap of snuggles the next. Silly kitties...

  • Still hot yoga-ing! And still loving it! I feel like I've gotten substantially better at it and also quite a bit stronger. Though I do also feel like my balance has gotten better, but some days...I'm just falling all over the place. *sigh* Oh well...keep practicing!

  • The weather has been pretty decent's awesome! I've been thoroughly enjoying going for walks in the afternoon :) Bruce always tries to come, but my kitties are indoor only!!

  • Oh right...there was also a floss eating incident. I learned an important lesson...Bruce will eat basically anything he can. (He loves watermelon, blueberries, cucumbers, yogurt, smoothies, any meat...okay pretty well anything he can get in his little mouth...)

  • I CANNOT believe that August is almost over. Time is FLYING! It's almost Fall...and that means it's almost winter - eeep~! :X

  • I'm still trying to figure out which vehicle to get and am still fully open to suggestions! I've been test driving...but I'm not done yet! (Though I feel like I want to be done...and I'm certainly done with getting all the calls from dealerships...) -.-

  • Remember how I mentioned I've been watching Jane Austen movies?? WELLLL now I'm reading them all. So far I've gotten through Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion and now I'm on Emma. What can I say? I like them! (And now I've been watching my way through Grey's Anatomy...stupid addicting show...)

And those are the main points! Other than that, just the standard...breathing, sleeping, eating ice cream, and trying to get some organizing done in the house. I have a hard time getting rid of things. *sigh*

I do have one more update...but I'm saving that for another day ;)

Hope all is well! I've missed you guys!
Tell me, what's one major thing that's new with you?
Or a few minors? 

Do share!

Love you too.

xo T

Monday, August 12, 2013

Deuce of cones!

Remember the cone?
At the end of that post, I mentioned wanting to find George's old cone so they can be cone buddies.

Well...I couldn't resist...

George basically reverted back to the lazy slug he was when he had it on last.
(Though I guess he's a lazy slug about 90% of the time regardless...)

Not to mention, he looked RIDICULOUS with his big old head shoved in a tiny cone!
Bruce seemed to think they were bestest buddies with their cones on.

But little Brucey is doing well, so (after some fun) the cone came off today - YAY!

They seem to prefer cone-free just a liiiitttle bit more ;) How....sweet...

Love you too.

xo T

PS. I'm still waiting for a couple people to do this survey... OR ALL OF YOU!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sweet little cone...

Well hey there! Nice to see (or y'know, type to...) you again!

I can't believe it's NOT ONLY August...but it's basically HALF WAY THROUGH August.
Jeez...time is going fast... I'm getting old. >.<

I've been busy and not busy.
Not so busy in day to day life (unless you include watching TV shows and  a bunch of Jane Austen movies -.-) but busy in general.
That doesn't make sense...
I guess let's just say, my mind is busy...and it's not blog worthy things to share.

One thing I HAVE been busy with is getting a sweet little Bruce fixed. I've been babysitting him and his sweet little cone!

Ya...needless to say, he was NOT too impressed. Though I guess I don't blame the little guy!
Especially when I first brought him home, he could barely stand up straight.
He still managed to give me a look of death.
It's been an interesting couple of days, with many an incident with cones crashing into things...but he's gotten better ;)

Luckily he's getting used to it...annnnd he gets it off in a couple days. At least he...knows for next time.
There better not be any cone next times!

At first, George was NOT impressed with this cone-headed monster... stumbling around and crashing into things. It scared him even more than plastic bags (which scare him quite a bit, I assure you), I think he may have even peed a little (he did, he actually peed a little one time...).

Well you know what George, about 6 months were a cone-headed disaster! You were stumbling all over the place...crashing into everything that could be crashed into, knocking over everything you could possibly knock over and when you were done with all that, you just gave up and slept...LOTS!
Bruce fails sometimes...but at least he tries!

Don't give me that cute look. Anyone could look cute in one of those!

Both just from Google images...

I stand corrected...
and horrified...

also Google...

And you sir, you just look stupid.
What do you have to be kept from licking?

Let's end on a good note, shall we?


I keep wanting to find George's old cone so they can be cone buddies together!
Sure, it will be horrible for all of us...but they'll look so cute!

Love you too.

xo T