Monday, March 25, 2013

THE Mat!?

What is up with you on this decently fine Monday??
Or is it a fine Monday at all?

It's going alright here on my end. Today was day 22 of 30 for the hot yoga challenge! And in those 22 days, I've gone to 24 classes (I doubled up on Friday again).
For those of you who don't think it'll be a good work out, you have no idea. I was sore this morning and then today's hot fusion class was INTENSE. Like I'd rather do an Insanity video intense...

Have you tried hot yoga??
Would you like to?

The thing that's difficult about hot yoga is the mat. You sweat A LOT in hot yoga, so if you're just using a regular yoga mat, you eventually start to slip around...not so awesome. SO a lot of people have a special yoga towel to absorb the sweat so you're not slipping and sliding all over the place.
I've just been bringing a smaller towel that I keep moving between the front and back or my mat depending on where I'm slipping. Sometimes though, I'm slipping from both my method isn't working so hot (heh heh) anymore.
Since I'm loving hot yoga, I figured it'll become a fairly regular thing...and it will probably be worth my time (and money) to get myself a yoga towel.
BUT I've also heard really good things about The Mat (from Lululemon). It has a polyurethane top and a rubber bottom that supposedly absorbs all your sweat and gets increasingly sticky as you go.
So you're not supposed to need any towels with this one at all, which sounds awesome!
So, I got myself a nice pretty blue one...and I went home and started reading reviews online.
About 50% of people have complained of staining on their mats that just won't come out, but most of the people had really light colors. My blue is a fairly bright, cobalt blue.
But now I'm scared!
To be honest... this mat was $68 before GST.
Do I take the chance with my pretty blue and hope for the best?
Or do I take my pretty blue back for a plain old, boring black (unstainable)?

What do you think?
Anyone have any experience with The Mat??


Love you too.

xo T

(Got this picture directly off the lululemon website, this is the color)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day!


Happy first day of Spring! Or as my mother would probably say... 'Spring has Sprung' ;P

Though I don't think it'll TRULY be Spring for a little bit still. Even though it's supposed to get up to about 10 (Celsius) today, it's also supposed to snow there you go.

But the first day of Spring lets us know that Spring is on it's way at least... yay~!

I've basically been doing the same ole' here. Work, packing, hot yoga...busy busy busy.

Hopefully things will slow down a bit after Easter weekend... that's my hope anyways ;)

Yesterday when I went to hot yoga, the heat was not working...the temperature sat just under the room temperature mark (LAME) when it usually gets up to about 95-105 (Fahrenheit). So it was an alright class, but I just didn't work up a full on sweat as per ush. In fact, it felt cold compared to regular days!
Today I walked into the room and the heat was in full force. I didn't realize how much I loved the heat in the morning - so so nice!

So, I am still loving hot yoga, still working, still packing and I'm definitely excited for Spring to finally get here and this snow to be gone for a while!

Love you too.

xo T

PS. I'm pretty sure today and tomorrow are the last days for the DQ Blizzard one get one .99 cents. So, if you're wanting a blizzard of the ice cream variety, get it now!

How're things with you? Glad Spring is on the way? Going to DQ? ;)

PPS. Hettie, this is for you ----->
It popped up when I googled 'spring has sprung'.
Clearly he's happy for Spring ;)

(Both images are from Google)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Half way!

Today marked 15 days complete of the 30 day hot yoga challenge...yay me!

So far, I've gone 16 times in 15 days. I doubled up when I went again Friday night...just in case I had to miss a day over Easter weekend or something.

Friday night, Mel (my {technically Scott's} SIL) came with me... and she loved it! YAY!
And then we were naughty....we went to DQ. What can I say, I did yoga twice that day! I was already craving ice cream, and when Mel suggested it...I was all for it ;) Twist my rubber arm!

Saturday morning, Paige (Scott's sister) and I went to hot yoga. It was a really good class that we both enjoyed :D

Here's to 15 more days of hot yoga!

I don't know what it is...but the past week I have been having the craziest crazy dreams. They're not for sharing, but all I'll say...they're weeeeiiiiirrdd.

Other than yoga, basically all I did this weekend was get a few groceries and more packing!

How was your weekend?? More exciting than mine?? 
 Mine is hard to beat ;)

When I went grocery shopping, I picked up a regular old coconut. 

I was SO excited, until I finally cracked it open and found MOLD! Boo! Hiss~!
I didn't take a picture because my poor little coconut-less heart was crushed. And yes, I threw away the coconut water moldy coconut water for me, thank you very much!

Scott told me I should've returned it, but no way was I taking a moldy coconut in a bag, out in the snow, when I was already in my cozies, just to get another coconut. So needlesstosay, I'm still coconut-less.
Next time...

Do anything for St. Patrick's?
No...I sure didn't.

Love you too.

xo T

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ice Cream OD?

Remember how I mentioned that blizzards are buy one get one for .99 cents right now at DQ?

Well I've had a few since then...
And I'm fairly certain I'm addicted.

Think I'm joking?
Not at all.

I'm quite certain I'm going through withdrawals...
I feel all cranky like.

If you don't hear from me for a few days, call for help because I've either...
1. Died from lack of ice cream or
2. Died from an overdose.

So either way, I'm doomed.

Send ice cream.

Love you too.

xo T

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Young Coconut?!?!

We all love coconut. Ok...well MOST of us love coconut ;) (Ok, well I love coconut...)

Coconut Butter, Coconut Oil, Shredded Coconut, Coconut flavored things - mmm~!
Have you ever had a legit coconut?
I remember growing up, I got to experience a real coconut a few times and always loved it :)


SO lately, I've been craving coconut... and I figured I may as well get some because...why not?! I go to the store and I noticed not only the regular coconut (as seen above) but there were also some young coconut. I had never tried young coconut...but I had definitely seen them before and I've also seen quite a few people mention them in blogs and such and I was curious! HOWEVER, I never knew what they were like... 
Have you ever tried it??
I find it...strange...
The texture is SO weird! It's almost like a jelly and it's all slimy and I just wasn't a fan. 

Young coconuts vs brown coconuts
The main difference is obviously their stages of maturation...young coconuts are...well, younger. The brown coconuts are older and basically more dried up. They don't have as much water inside and their 'meat' is much more solid than jelly-like (in the young coconuts).

Was it a waste?
Not a waste... I won't eat the 'meat' (in the young coconut) on its own, heck I won't even drink the water on it's own, BUT it did make a delicious smoothie today. ;)

What did I learn?
Young coconuts are only good (in my case) for smoothies. For snacking, I definitely want the withered up brown coconuts thank you very much!

Which do you prefer? Have you tried them both?

Let me know! :)

Love you too.

xo T 

(Images from google, of course). 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Yoda

Ok, ok, ok. I'm here! Life is still good! The weekend came and went (too quickly for my per ush...).

What did YOU do this weekend? Any adventures??

Our weekend was pretty busy...but not everything can be shared yet ;)

What I CAN share with you is...

1. Scott has been in town since Friday... and he goes back out again tomorrow. But he shouldn't been gone too too long this time around. Spring breakup is here!

2. We went to Brava to celebrate our engage-aversary!
We got engaged February 15, 2012 and went to Brava that night before it happened (it's a delicious, slightly expensive restaurant {comparable in price to, say...The Keg}). We had planned on going there on our actual engage-aversary, but it just didn't happen. But it didn't matter, it was still delicious ;)

3. I showered George.
I don't shower George every week anymore... Want to know why? George is a big cat. Sure I can shower him, but I do get clawed...a lot.  So now he's all fluffy again (and I'm all clawed...) :D

4. I may have killed our Dyson vacuum.
Needless to say, Scott was not impressed. BUT, in my defense, I wasn't doing anything wrong! I was just vacuuming and then, all of the sudden, it quit. So, it sucks...but it should technically be under warranty because we've only had it for like...7 months.

I've now gone to all 3 levels of Moksha Hot Yoga (Moksha, Moksha Flow, and Hot Fusion) because I don't aim for a certain difficulty. I just pick the time I want to go and whatever it is, it is. SO, I've learned that the other 2 levels are fairly challenging but I love them nonetheless (not during the class though...).
Scott joined me on Sunday morning and I've now gone 8 days in a row - YAY~!

6. Daylight savings time sucks.
Why is it still there? Does anyone actually like it??

7. This weekend I got up at 7am on both days regardless of the weekend and daylight savings. (So I pretty well got up at 6 on Sunday... good yoga class though!).

8. Scott finally packed up his it no longer looks like a bomb went off - YAY!

9.We went out for sushi Saturday night with Ben and Frances :D It was delicious and fun.
...and then we went out for Blizzards ;)

10. And last, but certainly not least...I saw this sticker when coming back from yoga Sunday AM.

Is it just me, or do you find this awesome as well?? :D
Especially little yoda...

So that was my weekend... now share yours!

The sun has been out, and I hope it stays!

Love you too.

xo T

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Did you know...

...on Sunday Daylight Savings begins? Gross? I agree...
I don't approve, but I guess it really doesn't matter what I think

Other than that, I don't have much to say to you...

George plays fetch sometimes...when he feels like it...until he gets tired and flops over or decides I'm some horrible predator and gets all hissy pants on me (though to be fair, I generally am terrorizing him...).

Weirdo...(but cute nonetheless - to me anyways)

Oh, day 2 hot yoga was more successful ;) I got there bright and early at quarter to 6!
And no bumpers fell off that's always good.

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Caitlyn... can't believe he's coming home so soon! AH!

PPS. Nani, did you enjoy The Hobbit?

PPPS. Blizzards are buy one get one .99 cents right now (at DQ, obviously)...I had one today and it was awesome. 
(Turtle Pecan Cluster is the best).

OH! I almost forgot!

Mmmm~! ;)

Monday, March 4, 2013

To cut!

The weekend came and left far too quickly for my likings...

So I got my cleaning done, a little more packing up, looked at some houses and... GOT MY HAIR CUT  YO!

Is it really that exciting? Well maybe not to you...but I was excited :D

So Friday night...I went to hot yoga on my own (which is fine - good class!), then I got home and partied (and by partied, I mean I went to bed). ;)
It was such a beautiful sunny day too!

Saturday...slept in! (Til like 8...lame right?) Then I did my little workout, my cleanings and laundrings, my shower and clothing myself and then I headed to the mall.

So I went from this....

To this! What do you think?? :D

Really you should just be happy I put some mascara on for all y'all. ;)
Anyways, I like it! It's so light and it even flows back with the wind from me walking! I didn't realize how heavy my hair had gotten til I chopped many inches of it off. YAY! It was quite the carnage pile on the floor, I assure you...
Then I went and saw a few homes!

Sunday I could NOT was horrible. I was wide awake yet felt dead to the world when I was awake by 6. :<
So after laying in bed all cozy with George for another hour or so, I eventually got up and looked at this horrible sight...

Ew~! The weather was like 12 above on Friday!
And after a few hours is wasn't looking any better...

This morning I was digging my vehicle out of a mound of was rather unpleasant.

But today also marked day one of my 30 day hot yoga challenge! So far so good! I actually missed the class I originally planned on going to. I don't know if the schedule changed or what...but apparently the class was at 6 and not 6:30, so I missed it. I was there by about 6:15 and the next class wasn't until 7:30. I decided I was there and I was at least going to get a little workout in! So in the hall I was doing my thing until about 7 and then I started feeling sad that I was missing my first day of the 30 day challenge (because there was no way I was going back later...).
So I called and asked if I could come in a little late so I could catch some yoga... and that's what I did!
And then the drive to work was horrible with traffic and snow and whatnot.
And then my bumper fell off.
True story.

All I can say is, this snow better go away quick :l

Was your weekend more exciting than mine?? Do tell!

Love you too.

xo T

Friday, March 1, 2013

Should it stay or should it go?

First off, it just took me an hour to get home... AN HOUR. Traffic was awful and made me want to vomit with disgust (plus I was hungry...).

Speaking of hungry...want to know one of my favourite sweet snackies? My own mini fruit salad (kind of)! I cut up an apple and an orange (or more fruit if I'm sharing), sprinkle on about half a tablespoon of sugar, add a little lemon juice and BAM! deliciousness is born. ;)

(At least I think so...)

TGIF! I don't know about all of you... But I'm DEFINITELY ready for a weekend. ;)

How about you? Any plans??

No big plans on my end...clean the house, get some groceries, pack up some more things, and maybe look at some houses - we'll see...

I'll also probably go to hot yoga again tonight...guess I'll be flying solo as everyone is tied up (not literally...).

Another thing I've considered doing for quite a while...getting a haircut!
The last time I got my haircut was in August last year. That's not a HORRIBLE length of time, but I'd say its about time for a trim (mainly because I love hair cuts) ;).
But I have a mini hair dilemma on my hands... Do I just get an inch or 2 off to trim it?
Or do I take 4+ inches off??
I've been getting bored of it! Is it time for a change??

(Excuse the blind makeup-less mole rat)

What do YOU think?

WELL that's about it. Hope your Friday was alright and you're up to something pleasant this weekend... Whether it be exciting or nice and relaxed.

Love you too.

xo T

Weekend plans?? What do you think of my little fruit salad? Recommendations for my sad hair?

(This is my hair after the cut in's grown a lot!)