Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Young Coconut?!?!

We all love coconut. Ok...well MOST of us love coconut ;) (Ok, well I love coconut...)

Coconut Butter, Coconut Oil, Shredded Coconut, Coconut flavored things - mmm~!
Have you ever had a legit coconut?
I remember growing up, I got to experience a real coconut a few times and always loved it :)


SO lately, I've been craving coconut... and I figured I may as well get some because...why not?! I go to the store and I noticed not only the regular coconut (as seen above) but there were also some young coconut. I had never tried young coconut...but I had definitely seen them before and I've also seen quite a few people mention them in blogs and such and I was curious! HOWEVER, I never knew what they were like... 
Have you ever tried it??
I find it...strange...
The texture is SO weird! It's almost like a jelly and it's all slimy and I just wasn't a fan. 

Young coconuts vs brown coconuts
The main difference is obviously their stages of maturation...young coconuts are...well, younger. The brown coconuts are older and basically more dried up. They don't have as much water inside and their 'meat' is much more solid than jelly-like (in the young coconuts).

Was it a waste?
Not a waste... I won't eat the 'meat' (in the young coconut) on its own, heck I won't even drink the water on it's own, BUT it did make a delicious smoothie today. ;)

What did I learn?
Young coconuts are only good (in my case) for smoothies. For snacking, I definitely want the withered up brown coconuts thank you very much!

Which do you prefer? Have you tried them both?

Let me know! :)

Love you too.

xo T 

(Images from google, of course). 


  1. I am proud to say that I have had coconut straight off the tree! My question to you is, how do you open the young coconut? Cause it looks like most of the husk is still on it!

    1. Of course you have! Your all exotic ;) haha. That's not my picture...tis google! I didn't take any pictures.
      I got all the husk off. I just didn't like the young coconut innards... too slimy!