Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day!


Happy first day of Spring! Or as my mother would probably say... 'Spring has Sprung' ;P

Though I don't think it'll TRULY be Spring for a little bit still. Even though it's supposed to get up to about 10 (Celsius) today, it's also supposed to snow there you go.

But the first day of Spring lets us know that Spring is on it's way at least... yay~!

I've basically been doing the same ole' here. Work, packing, hot yoga...busy busy busy.

Hopefully things will slow down a bit after Easter weekend... that's my hope anyways ;)

Yesterday when I went to hot yoga, the heat was not working...the temperature sat just under the room temperature mark (LAME) when it usually gets up to about 95-105 (Fahrenheit). So it was an alright class, but I just didn't work up a full on sweat as per ush. In fact, it felt cold compared to regular days!
Today I walked into the room and the heat was in full force. I didn't realize how much I loved the heat in the morning - so so nice!

So, I am still loving hot yoga, still working, still packing and I'm definitely excited for Spring to finally get here and this snow to be gone for a while!

Love you too.

xo T

PS. I'm pretty sure today and tomorrow are the last days for the DQ Blizzard one get one .99 cents. So, if you're wanting a blizzard of the ice cream variety, get it now!

How're things with you? Glad Spring is on the way? Going to DQ? ;)

PPS. Hettie, this is for you ----->
It popped up when I googled 'spring has sprung'.
Clearly he's happy for Spring ;)

(Both images are from Google)


  1. Things are good...but will be better when it warms up for good yoga sounds like the perfect way to start off the morning! Hopefully I can go back soon.

    1. Agreed! It is the perfect start! And yes, I hope you can go back soon as well ;)

  2. No problem :) You make dang adorable cupcakes~!