Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sicky Poo No More! Also Packin' Up...

Guys...I have good news and bad news.
Let us start with the bad news.
I've been a bad blogger. It's been a pretty busy week and other things have been my priority - sorry!

And good news.
I'm not sick anymore :D Yay~!
(You can still send cookies though ;| )

So yes, as I mentioned in my last post, I had all last week of work because I was a sicky poo. But this week has been delightfully (or maybe UNdelightfully) work filled.

So really, I guess I just have a bunch of random things to share... so here comes a list at ya... Scott was in town. We watched some Gladiator, made some delicious chicken/broccoli alfredo (Valentine's Day). We got some errands taken care of, we hung out with Ben and Frances (Benifred and Francesca from my previous blog), went to the science center, had milkshakes, ordered in our actual marriage certificate (oops...I didn't know we were supposed to...), and then I got sick and Scott tended to my needs while we watched a bunch of shows. :D
(Oh! We also had a sushi feast at some point) ;)

(It looks like a face!)

...Scott is back at work again...he's been out there for about a week now.

...I've been trying to organize our house because POTENTIALLY in the next couple months or so, we're wanting to move. Hopefully we'll buy our own house...but possibly just another rental. But I realized our place is really cluttered, and some things should just be packed up and put in storage until we move because eventually people are going to have to come looking.

...I went out for dinner with the girls in Scott's family. Good times, good food - nice to see you all :)
Hung out and chatted with Mel (& Keira) afterwards. {My SIL and her kidlet}.

...I decided I was going to do a 30 day challenge at hot yoga. So basically, I pay a certain amount for a 30 day pass and then try to come as much in that 30 days as possible ;) (Not only to get my monies worth, but also to get the benefits of doing hot yoga so often).

...I realized I needed a few more things if I'm going to hot yoga every day. SO a trip to lululemon was made ;)

...George is still chubby and happy. He now likes sitting at the window and looking out. One problem...he can't get up there on his own...

(I have since taken down those Christmas lights...he was chewing on them... -.-)

... I've been missing some people this week. I'm not going to name names...but if you're reading this, just assume I miss you.

And I'm going to cut 'er off there! Sorry I haven't been able to read blogs lately - I miss you and them!

What's going on out there? How are you?

Any questions for me? (Like my address, for you to send me good things) ;)

Love you too.

xo T


  1. I've missed you lady love but I'm glad you've been enjoying life with scott and george and your fam :)

    1. I miss you too! I still have checked in on your blog from time to time! Glad you're doing well and that he'll be coming home relatively soon :D