Thursday, April 18, 2013

Past Weekend

Ok, ok...just quick.

I was thinking to myself... Well, if I don't get the post up from the weekend, then I guarantee it won't be discussed.
So let's just get 'er done. Right? RIGHT!

Friday PM/Saturday AM, was probably one of our first 'major' (whatever that means) cleans since getting the house 2 weeks prior. Full on sweep, vacuum, mopping (well...Swiffer Wetjet), bathrooms, etc.
Looks good yo! Maybe I'll even get some pictures up sometime ;)

So why the big cleaning sesh?
Well first off, it was probably necessary.
Second, we had guests coming over!

Tyler and Holly! Scott's cousin (Tyler) and wife (Holly), whom we hadn't seen since New Year's (even though apparently I didn't mention anyone in the post...go me).
(They have a blog here, but it hasn't been updated in quite some time...*nudge nudge*)

Taco fiesta! We hadn't had taco's in a LONG while and we were craving ya! Taco's!
Holly and Tyler brought an apple, strawberry, blackberry - crumbleish dessert that was SO GOOD! Delish~!

Well obviously, LOTS of talking...but we also watched a movie as per Scott's request.
'Take Me Home Tonight' which is actually not that old (2011) but it's set in the 80's.

Here's the description from IMDb...

"Four years after graduation, an awkward high school genius uses his sister's boyfriend's Labor Day party as the perfect opportunity to make his move on his high school crush."

And that basically sums it up...with lots of great 80's tunes along the way!
To me, it was just ok. There were funny parts, there were stupid parts, but overall it was alright.
I'd probably only give it **.5(2.5)/5.
You, movie, were just ok to me. 

These were the main events from our weekend.
Thanks SO much Holly and Tyler for coming and for the scrumptious dessert!
We shall have to do it again soon :)

(OH! Sunday I also made these banana muffins courtesy of Sally, which were also scrumptious, no thanks to me not following the recipe all that well. Heh heh. And of course, I have no pictures. Just look at hers, they're better anyways. Just believe me, they're good!)

I know it's been a while...but what did you get up to this past weekend?

And hey, lets get the ball rolling early...what's your plans for this weekend?
(since it's almost here!)

Hope all is well out there!

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Did you see George? ;)


  1. NEW YEARS?!?! I know only old people say this, but time FLIES! (We must be getting old. I mean, you own a HOUSE!).
    Thanks so much for having us! I agree, the soundtrack was the only great thing about the movie. I would give it the same rating. It did inspire us to go on a MAJOR John Hughes 80s movie binge ths week, and I can thank it for that. We'll see you soon! (Please!)
    Ps. I need to blog soon!!!

    1. It's crazy! It DEFINITELY flies!!
      We are old Holly...
      That's great on the movies though!
      We definitely need to get together again soon :D
      AND YES YOU DO!!

  2. Hey Trudy! I found your blog through Holly's link and I am stalking, so I thought I would introduce myself. I grew up in the same ward as Scott and drove to seminary with him every morning haha oh the stories I have :). Congratulations on the house. That is SO exciting for you guys. Cute blog!

    1. Hey there! Well, thanks for reading and commenting... and nice to meet you :D
      Yes, I asked Scott if he knew an Amber... he said, Amber who?
      I said... not sure. Then he said the only Amber he knew is Amber P(won't put your last name, just in case). Then I read him your comment and he said, yup...that's her! Crazy! haha.
      I do love Scott stories ;)
      Thanks so much!