Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Host

Ok, not a ton has been going nothing really to talk about.

Living life, y'know?

This past weekend, Scott and I got some Ben and Frances time in again. YAY!
Pretty well half the day! It was nice :)
(After a morning Hot Fusion class with Paige...challenging, but awesome!)

It started out at our place and then we ventured into the land of downtown Calgary!
Did I take any pictures? No. Because I'm the worst blogger ever -.-
It was a cold, foggy day.
Frances had to take some pictures at the Olympic Plaza for a project for school. Scott was taking pictures as well, because he likes to. I was just meandering around being all chilly like...ok, I was also terrorizing all surrounding birds because that's what I do.

We then headed back to our place, after picking up Wendy's :D YAY!

Then Scott and Ben went to Conference and for wings while Frances and I had our own adventure.
Started with grabbing a couple groceries quick while some 50% off Easter candy was also gotten, then back home quickly and then to the movies!

What was in store for us?
The Host!

Heard of it?
Based off a book written by Stephenie Meyer (yes, think Twilight...). But in my opinion, this book was BETTER than the Twilight series. Nothing to do with vampires.
Basically the premise being that since humans are so violent, they're slowly killing each other off SO another species steps in.
Not aliens like you see in other movies, but basically, an alien like thing. They're small and can only survive while either implanted in another being - a host! - or if in a special capsule to travel between worlds.
However, after the humans are being hosted, they're no longer themselves...and their will and personality can slowly fade away.
The story follows a girl and a few surviving humans that haven't been taken over.
That's all I'll say in regards to the story.
I personally thought it was very well cast and I liked it!

My rating of this movie will probably be a little off because I haven't seen a movie in quite a while, but I'm actually going to give it ****(4)/5! I enjoyed it!
It's definitely a little bit more on the chick flicky end of things....but I recommend it regardless! Any other questions, feel free to ask!

Sunday, we went to Rob and Mel's place for a crepe feast while Conference was on. It was VERY delicious...thanks Rob and Mel (and little Kiera)!

There's a few things to share in regards to George, but that can wait for another day ;)

How was your weekend??
What movies have YOU seen lately?

Love you too.

xo T


  1. Sounds like you had fun, love! I read the host and liked it way more than twilight so i was curious about it...probably one i'll rent when it comes out :)

  2. I'm reluctant to see The Host because I'm already disappointed with their choice of guys from what I've seen on the posters and whatnot. They needed to be bigger! Older! More rugged! Gah... I'll probably see it anyway.

    You can tell I was an animorphs fan as a kid cause when I think of the "souls" I always equate them to Yerks from the animorphs series, lol.

    Glad you had a good weekend! It's great to have couple friends.

    1. I was a little disappointed as well...with the guys AND with Mel. I though she would be a more rugged/strong looking girl as well. Because in the book, she was proud of her body and what she could do. Anyways, I wasn't overly impressed at first, but I think the acting itself was pretty good, and they eventually grew on me.

      I don't think I know what animorphs are D:

      Yes, we have a couple is nice :)