Monday, April 29, 2013

A weekend started with pizza is good

Monday, monday, monday.
You know, we only don't like you because you bring the weekend to a close and the workdays to a start. We tell you we don't like it, yet you keep doing it.

This weekend wasn't too busy for us, in fact it was a pretty good weekend. (I never remember to take pictures...sorry!

-Friday night started with a pizza party! It was out to Cochrane to Scott's aunt and uncle who have the pizza oven. Lots of good company accompanied by an equally large amount of pizza. Needlesstosay I was very stuffed and sick of pizza by the end. (Though I wouldn't mind some pizza now...)
(Nice to see Greg, Louise, Rob, Mel, Keira, Alana (and her kidlets), Holly, DJ, Paige, Addison and even Dawn for a bit).

-Saturday started with yoga (of course). Then I made some delicious banana bread, which of course I didn't take a picture of....but I can share the recipe if you like :)! (Very moist and vanilla-ey)
Then my parents, along with some friends (June and Gary), came up to see our place and new furniture. It was nice to see you all and because it was Gary's birthday, we went out for dinner at Swiss Chalet. It was actually pretty good! I had never been, and my first experience was rather pleasant. Everyone else seemed to enjoy as well. We also watched a bit of Puss in Boots which is kind of a cute movie :)

We then got a call from Scott 2 (my nephew) and his wife Chantae, they were coming in for dinner and a movie and they invited us to join!
(Side note: yes, this nephew is about a year older than me).
We were already pretty full, but we decided to join on the movie. The movie we decided to try was 'Pain & Gain' and I will say, we walked out of the movie. It was a bit much (nudity, crude, and kind of stupid) and the story line wasn't even all that good so we decided to head get ice cream :D So instead we had ice cream and chatted for a couple hours.
It was fun guys, we'll have to do it again soon (and pick a better movie...)!

-Sunday was more of a relaxing day. It was also a bath and groom George kind of day. He did pretty good and then he was extra soft and fluffy :D

How was your weekend??

Have you seen any good movies lately?

I want to see Iron Man 3...

(Some of you may like Pain & just wasn't for us, we watched the trailer before hand and it still wasn't what we were expecting).

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Did you see the house tour? ;)


  1. Walking out of a stinky movie for ice cream is ALWAYS the better option ;) I really want to see Star Trek, Olympus Has Fallen, The Mortal Instruments, and Catching Fire...the second half of the year is big for movies for me :D And yay for pizza Friday! Always my favorite meal of the week :D

    1. Completely :D
      And I want to see Star Trek as well, but I actually haven't seen the first one yet... heh heh
      And Catching Fire...of course!
      It was my favorite meal of the week as well!