Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's all run away :D

Why is the weekend over?
Is it ever long enough??

Not in my opinion.

I've been considering putting some pictures of our place up. You want??

You know what I want?
I want to go for a trip!

Where to?
Anywhere! Lets-a go! ;)

It was a fairly eventful weekend for us.
Let's begin.

Friday night.
Got home from work, watched a couple shows and then tried to convince Scott to go to Hot Yoga with me @ 8 PM. He's been before, and even said he liked it the first time around. But I guess the second time he went, it left a foul taste in his mouth...because it took a LOT of convincing this time.
HOWEVER we DID finally go and he liked it :D And he's even willing to go again - HOORAY!
It's fun to have a yoga buddy ;)

I got up on the early side (for a Saturday) to go to hot yoga AGAIN for the 8 AM class. Scott wasn't interested on getting up for this one, but it was a really good class :D
Then I came back home for a little breaky and to get a few things done before we headed out to pick up some groceries - yay food!
After getting everything all packed away, we both had to get ready because Ben and Frances would be coming soon!
We then got all piled into Scott's truck to head to Southland for some had been awhile!
We were meeting some other people there, but they didn't arrive til a bit later.
It was great to see Benson again and meet his new girlie, Kate-Lynn. Sorry things didn't really work out as planned, but we'll have to get together again soon ;)
Also nice to see a few people from the old crowd.

We were all swum out after a couple hours and were ready to go find some food!
So to iHop we went for some delicious, breakfasty (for me) food.
And then it was back to our place to watch Gladiator! Needlesstosay, Frances and I did not make it to the end. It had been a long day and we were exhausted! x.x

We spent some more time with Ben and Frances and had some more good food!
Then Scott and I got to relax together and I got things ready for my morning routine.

What did YOU do over the weekend??
Want to hang out this weekend? ;)

Love you too.

xo T

PS. I finally tried THE Mat. I ended up keeping the blue instead of playing it safe and exchanging for black, despite the reviews where people had complained of some staining.
I've only used it 3 times...but so far, so good - no staining!
Yes, it's a much heavier mat and it doesn't stay rolled up very easily...but I've decided that I really like it!
I'm able to stick in place MUCH easier than on the old mat.
HOWEVER, if the class is EXTREME hotness and I'm pouring sweat, the mat will still get slippery.
So I'm not sure if I need to get an actual yoga towel or if I'm good with regular towels...but I guess I'll see and learn as I go.
And in regards to the rubber smell, I aired mine out for a few weeks and also gave it a bath (yes, really), so it was not bad at all. Yes, it does still smell a little bit, but I don't notice it at all during yoga so it's alright.
So far, I like it. I'll keep you updated once I've used it a bit more :)


  1. You were quoting Mario weren't you! I totally remember him saying "Let's-a go!" on the N63 game. If you weren't quoting him, then nevermind, I am a total nerd...

    1. First off.... N64! Second...I was DEFINITELY quoting Mario :D

  2. Ahh how awesome is that that Scott will go to yoga with you! Joe mentioned that he wanted to go, but then tuns me down whenever I ask...such is life haha...please post pics of the house!! I'd love to see it :)

    1. Exactly! Scott says he'll do it and then when it comes down to actually going, he's generally like I don't want to. I'm like, then why do you say you will??
      The secret is persistence! (And whining a little bit). ;)
      Joe will probably like it if you can get him there!

      And alright! I shall post pictures!