Friday, April 26, 2013

Virtual Tour

You've asked for it...I'm delivering!

So as I'm SURE you know by now, Scott and I bought a house and moved in pretty well a month ago.
We've got things a little settled, so I figured I can show you what it looks like!

As you've probable seen, here's a view of the front!

'Tis a quaint little house!

Here's the front entry/living room area. 

Like our new furniture? :D

Here's a more full picture of the living room area. Want to come watch a movie?
We got the TV for a pretty good deal when we got the furniture :)

Can you spot Scott's polaroid collection??
He claimed the mantel as his own...

Turn to the left of the living room area, and you can see the kitchen/dining room. 
Right away, I loved the warm wood, granite counter tops and big fridge :D

We've even got ourselves a little dining room table now! 
 (It was Scott's Grandma's)

Right around the corner, there's the back door, closet and this little half bath.
AKA. George's bathroom. ;)

As you can maybe see, we need to mount something on the wall to hold the towel ;)

This is the view after directly coming from upstairs.
The door to go downstairs is directly to the left, right across from the kitchen.

I can assure you, there are no pictures of the basement because...
1. It's not developed.
2. That's where a lot of boxes/things we don't use very often are
3.'s not organized yet ;)
I will say though, the washer/dryer are both downstairs as well. 

Heading upstairs!
I didn't take a picture directly of the view, but you'll get the drift.
(This is the view from the master bedroom).
So on the left, are the stairs that curve around and to the left to go down. 
And you can also see this little built in cabinet. 
Directly ahead would be Scott's office, to the right is the spare bedroom and right across from the stairs is the spare (Scott's) bathroom. 

 Let's go to the office first!
Basically lots of Lego, books, etc and the computer.
Of course Scott made sure the office was the first thing all unpacked ;)

It gets really awesome light throughout the day, it's nice!

Moving to the right into the spare room...
Awesome paint, right? :D
The Lego flooded into this room as well, along with Scott's keyboard which is alright.
George frequently hides under this bed or cozies up on top.

Feel free to visit! But be prepared to share with George ;)

I didn't take a picture of Scott's bathroom, but I did take a picture of mine and they look fairly similar.
So use your imagination, and we'll move on...across the hall and into the master bedroom!

So apparently, I should've cleaned up a bit before taking the picture...oh well.
George likes to sit on the little black box and look out the window.
On the right you can see a bit of our dressers and directly past them is the walk in closet.
And to the left is the en-suite bathroom.

First, we'll go to the closet!

Yes, the closet needs some work. Those boxes are my shoes which still haven't been unpacked ;D
But it's pretty big, hey?
Still got lots of room in there! ;)

And over to the bathroom!

So this picture doesn't really show it all, but it's not all that exciting.
Tub/shower, toilet, vanity, mirror, little medicine cabinet type thing on the wall and a little window to the right.
Pretty standard!
Scott's is very similar except he has a grey shower curtain and no cabinet on the wall :D

And that's basically the dealio! 
In the back, there's a little deck, a small yard and a place to build a garage. 
We're hoping to build that either this year or next :)

Hope this little tour has been satisfactory. 
Any questions or if you're curious about anything...let me know!

Just because you've got the tour doesn't mean you can't come visit ;)
Really, this tour is unofficial...

Love you too.

xo T

PS. TGIF! Have a great weekend :D


  1. Cute house! I love the Polaroid camera collection. And I'm jealous that you guys have a fireplace. So nice!!

    1. Scott is quite proud of it ;)

      The fireplace is quite nice. But the location of it is a bit annoying. Ideally, we'd like to have the TV where the fireplace is. But I suppose it all worked out.
      But thanks :D

  2. OMG! I LOVE IT! This is seriously like my dream house. Hardwood floors, open first level floorplan, FIREPLACE!!, 2-level living (3 if you finish the basement), AN OFFICE!, an island in the kitchen... and it looks like the first floor is loft style too? SWOON! I love it. You guys must be stoked!!

    1. Thanks Sable :D
      I really like it myself!

      We do intend to finish the basement eventually...maybe not this year though.

      It is very exciting though, yes :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Brittany :D We're really liking it ^^

  4. why didn't you post about the large vodka lamp??

    1. AHAHAHA! My mistake. The world definitely needs to see it though ;)