Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A George filled post, full of...George!

You know you've missed him and need some pictures...STAT!

Through all he craziness that's been happening lately, here's some George!

When we were packing up/moving, George was hiding (because he's a scaredy cat) and then he had to stay in his little crate for quite a while. After I did open the door...he wouldn't come out! There was still too much going on and too many loud noises.
When he did finally feel safe to come out, he LOVED the new place...roaming free, running up and down stairs and finally he could easily look out windows whenever he wanted!

The day after we moved, we had to pack up George AGAIN and head to Scott's parents for Easter. George wasn't too impressed, but eventually he was just so tuckered!


And then, I talked about Ben and Frances hang outs! George is very familiar with Ben and Frances...and he always strives to get the attention and love from the person that gives him the least attention.

That person being Ben. We were all a little bit jealous inside. 

I bet no one is jealous of getting to shower George.
But now that we have a bathtub, I could finally try George out in a bath!

The Verdict?
He didn't mind it! Which is awesome! 

Will he ever love it?
Probably not...but that's ok!

Sure he tried getting out a couple times, but it wasn't NEAR as bad as the scratched up mess I am after showering him. 
YAY for baths!

Though he may look it, he wasn't all that traumatized after. 
He was running around like a mad cat within minutes!

Here's a two-headed Sceorge!

Which head do you think is cuter? 
Don't worry, I won't tell...plus Scott doesn't even read :D
But George TOTALLY does.

Here's 'fraidey George again...

Yes George, I believe the vacuum is out to get you. There there.

And yes, sometimes Ben gets more cuddles than the rest of us.
But deep down, I know you love me too...sometimes.

To the average, not Ben, person...snuggle sessions like this come rarely. 
Take advantage!

And this is one of my fave's and made me laugh!

I've been waiting for you Mr. Bond...

And THAT is your George update. He's loving the new house and, though he's getting bigger, he's still a cutie bear! (At least I think so...)

Don't worry, I'm sure George missed you too. Then again...likely not...unless you're Ben that is. 

Love you too. Meow. 

xo T

PS. How was your weekend? 
I'll hopefully get an update in, within the next couple days. 

PPS. My heart goes out to all those effected by the Boston Marathon. It was very shocking...

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