Friday, April 5, 2013

All Caught Up and Easter Bunny Visits

3 posts this week?!
That's probably a record since...Christmas.

My life is pretty boring guys. I share with you when something happens, but even when something's not always exciting.

So as I told you, we just bought a house.
And I can share a post on the process if you'd like.

It was actually only conditionally sold at this point... but oh well! You get the drift ;)

I also just finished my 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge!
But the yoga hasn't stopped there! I realized I loved it, and have still been going every morning!
Though I'm not longer going to FORCE myself to go everyday, I will keep going when I feel like it because I love it! But I do want to add some regular workouts back in as well ;)

There's just a couple more things to update you on to get you all caught up to date!

Easter! So we moved into the new house on Good Friday, completed our inspection to get the damage deposit at our old place back around noon on Saturday. From there, we continued on to Scott's parents house for an Easter feast(er)! Turkey and all the delicious fixin's...including pie ;) It was delcious!

Sunday around noon, it was back to the new home to try and get some things done!
Luckily, Monday was a holiday! So I headed to some hot yoga with Mel and then came back home to be pleasantly surprised by my own Easter egg hunt!
Needlesstosay, it was a little excessive...deliciously excessive!

Don't worry, we're still working on it ;)

Other than that, I've still been working and Scott's on spring breakup right now (lucky duck...). We're still trying to get everything all sorted out!
So far, we've basically gotten...
-most of the kitchen
-our clothes
-Scott's office
-and the living room/electronics are slowly coming together.

We got a new TV...a big TV. We also ordered a couch which should be here in the next 3/4 weeks - YAY!

You're all caught up ;)

So how was your Easter? Any visit from the Easter Bunny? ;)
And what's your update??

Love you too.

xo T

PS. It's Friday! Have a good weekend! :D


  1. When are you going to post pictures of INSIDE the house?! I can't wait!

    1. WELL...IDEALLY It'll be a little more organized. PLUS, I kind of want to wait until the new couch comes in!