Wednesday, May 1, 2013


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Is it just me, or did April go by INCREDIBLY fast??

May already! Before we know it, Summer will be here! Though it hardly even feels like Spring being that it was snowing the past 2 days -.- The sun did come out today though :D! Maybe here to stay this time??
We'll see about that ;)

April wasn't too terribly busy, but here are the highlights...

- (end of March/the beginning of April) Scott and I bought and moved into our new house. So this month has included a fair amount of work in that regard including...unpacking, getting settled, getting a few new things, and moving the rest of the stuff downstairs into the undeveloped basement to forget about it ;)
But if you haven't yet, you can see the tour of our home here.

- at the beginning of April, I had just finished my 30 day hot yoga challenge...which was awesome!
I loved it SO much that I decided to stick to it and buy a pass so I could continue going! I even tried out, and have been enjoying my new mat (The Mat) from Lululemon. (Here and here). I use it all the time now and I DEFINITELY prefer it to a regular yoga mat now...though I will say, I haven't tried out a regular mat with a hot yoga towel, so I can't say how it compares to that.
I'd say in this past month, I've probably gone about 26ish days out of the 30 because I generally average out to about 6 classes a week. Still enjoying it :D

Yoga kitty pictures are cute! (Google images)

- Scott and I (mainly me), made our way through a rather sizable amount of Easter candy. It was delicious ;)

- We hung out with some good friends on the weekends :D

- I tried baking a few new things (cookies, muffins, banana bread) and they actually all turned out pretty successfully, which is awesome!

- I saw The Host, Jurassic Park {with Scott on a 'cheap Tuesday' in 3D...3D made it pretty awesome and there were even a few extended scenes}, and part of Pain & Gain. I'd recommend Jurassic Park (of course), The Host is an iffy one, and I don't think I'd recommend Pain & Gain to anyone. But to each their own!

What were your highlights this month?? 
Try some baking? 
See some movies? ;)

I don't quite know what's in store for May...but we shall see!

Do you have any big plans for this month??

Love you too.

xo T

And let us end things on a George note, because it's the best way to do it.

We found him hiding in the bed. Good thing I didn't jump on him!


  1. April went WAY too quickly! My highlight of the month was my sister coming to visit. I love visitors! I just recently rewatched The Hunger Games. I can't wait for the second movie...too bad it doesn't come out until November. As for baking I need some inspiration. I'm sick of all of my recipes lately. Although I do make a mean 2 minute chocolate cake. I'm pretty sure I should blog about that recipe. It's amazing and far too quick haha!

    1. I could tell that was a highlight with all your fun filled posts!
      I recently rewatched as well - so excited!

      I get bored too. Always look for new things! I need for dinner type recipes haha. I'm boring!

      You should definitely blog about it. It's pretty selfish of you NOT to share a recipe like that! ;)

    2. Haha stay tuned. It's in the cue for next week. You may want to buy some bigger pants though, because once you have this recipe you will gain weight. Yay for battling obesity.

    3. Hooray! Looking forward to it for sure ;) And oh please, I'll wear my stretchy pants!