Friday, November 8, 2013

Flip flops, frozen toes, and cookies!

I think it may be about time to retire the flip flops for the season. It's one thing to have wet, frozen toes from the snow...but slipping around like a moron, that's getting too far.
It's hard though...flip flops are my favorite walking shoes.

Is it just me, or is walking the best thinking time? (Especially without music and phones and such). Just you, the path and your thoughts.
Today, I saw some McDonald's trash...from there I decided I really kind of wanted a McDonald's apple pie. I haven't had one for at least 3 years, and from my memory at least, I thought they were pretty delicious.
So one day soon...I will have one.
Then I remember thinking I wanted to watch Hercules. I'm not entirely sure where that train of thought came from...but it seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Recall from my last post, we had quite a bit of Halloween candy leftover. So to use up some of the Reese (even though there's certainly not a problem in that regard...), I made some cookies! And they were pretty scrumptious!
I've mentioned Sally here before (from Sally's Baking Addiction), and I'm sure I'll mention her again, but I basically followed this recipe for Ultimate Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies pretty exactly.
Chocolate, peanut buttery cookies stuffed with chunks of Reese and then drizzled with melted peanut butter! Mmmm~! So good...and also quite chocolately, so the good news is, you can't eat a bunch in a row (or potentially at least not AS many)! :D

Aren't they so cute all lined up on the right?? :3
Drizzling the peanut butter was the best part...

Those cookies on the left? Also a recipe from Sally.
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.
They were good....they just weren't AS good. But I'm not a huge pumpkin fan.
I wanted to be...I've tried it and don't mind pumpkin pie now...but alas, it will never be a favorite.

At the Early Thanksgiving dinner, I had some pumpkin cheesecake pie and thought it was SO GOOD!
So I thought maybe I would experiment with a few recipes using pumpkin. I went to Sobey's and the only pumpkin puree they had was a MASSIVE least twice the size of all other cans. And I was excited!

The excitement soon faded away...

I tried a few recipes...I realized I kind of find pumpkin puree to be repulsive...and then I was just done and I flushed the rest away.
HEY! You try dealing with that orange mush!
Maybe I'll just stick to eating pumpkin things that OTHER people make ;)

(PS. Apple pie IS and will ALWAYS BE the #1 pie...just saying...)

So that's that.

What do you figure?

What do you think of pumpkin?
Have any experiences yourself?
Have you retired your flip flops? 
OH! Any plans for the weekend?

Enjoy your weekend.
Trudy out.

Love you too.

xo T

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