Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hibernating + Coconutty + Ice Cream Cakes!

How was your Halloween??
Do anything exciting?

As I mentioned, Scott and I stayed in to hand out some candy to trick-or-treaters. And it was fun! We didn't get too many though...probably 30 to maybe 35 max.

Are there more in other neighborhoods? 
Or is trick-or-treating not as big anymore?

Needlesstosay, we had a LOT of candy left over...

Good thing Frances and Ben came over this weekend! It was kind of a birthday get together for me...but basically it was just hanging out ;) We don't get to see them very often anymore, so it was nice! We sent some candy home with them to balance things out a little're welcome ;)

Of course there was cake...

Ya, ya...I didn't remember until I was mid cut to take a picture. You get the full picture though! A little morbid...but cute nonetheless. And definitely as delicious as usual! (standard DQ of course...)

The weekend before, I actually went out to visit some family in Strathmore and had a little hang out/birthday gathering again. It was a fun time for sure! And there was cake here as well...

Yes...another DQ cake. Equally delicious of course....and so dang cute!

So I've probably gotten my fill of ice cream cake for a little bit (you know, for like a month or two) once the leftovers are done of course ;)

So birthday festivities are done...and it's crazy that it's November! School has been going so quickly and it's hard to believe it'll be finals time in a month! O.O
Woah nelly...

That being said, school is going well. Though along with this November business, it has been looking winter-y the past couple days! Snow, ice, cold! Scott and I even had to finally pick up a snow shovel and some salt the other day. Boo

Though snow really isn't so bad when you can stay hibernated and all cozied up inside. In fact, it's almost peaceful to look outside at the gently falling snow.

Especially when you have fresh home made hot chocolate...

Nuuummmmmerz~! :3

We also have some freshly bathed, extra fluffy and coconutty smelling kittens! (Hey, it happens once a month!)

:D SO soft and snuggly!!

So Happy November to you!

Are you hibernated? 
Or what are you up to these cold, snowy days??

Also, did you enjoy FINALLY getting to turn your clock back??
Stupid daylight savings...

Love you too.

xo T


  1. The amount of Tirck-or-Treaters you get depends all on your neighbourhood. In mine we have a lot of older folks and older kids, so we didn't have a lot of littles running around. At our house I think we only had about 20 kids come by. If you live in a neighbourhood with lots of young families, you'll get plenty of kids coming by.

    1. I feel like we do have a very family-y neighbourhood! But I guess everything worked out alright in the end ;)