Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Hair!

Hello my fine feathered friends!
I just ate ice I feel fat (oh please, don't pretend like it doesn't happen to you). At least I'm going to yoga in a couple hours. YAY!

Today was a good errand filled day, which is nice sometimes.
Did you see my last post?
If you DIDN'T, I was basically reminiscing on my giveaway last year and letting you know there's another one on the way!
AND TODAY, I picked up the laaaast few items. So I've grouped things together, and there are 9 options... 9! I'd say that's pretty awesome of me, no? ;)
And think how good your odds will be! Especially once you do all the things to get lots of entries!

Annnnddd that's all I've got to say about that for now. Just remember, it's on the way. I've still got to get a few particulars sorted...figure what will get you entries and decide when and how long I want to run it for. BUT IT WILL BE COMING SOON!
Watch for it.

Moving on. SO if you've been reading my blog for awhile (or if you know me...), you may have realized that I can be fairly impulsive. Especially when it come to my hair.
I think about what I want for a while, try to talk myself out of doing anything for now until one day - BAM!
I can't help myself anymore!
So I called a salon that I've gone to quite a few times, asked who would be available the soonest and booked it in (as I was driving to the mall...I guess I was hoping for the best!).
So I sat down and told her I was interested in getting some color in (I know, right?).
She said...alright, are you looking to go lighter or darker?
I said...I'm looking to go purple!
And she was all for it!
So this happened...

Looking good.
It was really quite exciting for me!

After half an hour it was time to rinse out and cut!
And after 3 hours with this girl (who was really quite pleasant actually), the final look was complete.

No, the purple really isn't all that drastic. From a distance, my hair just looks darker really.
But I still like it - a lot!
As for the cut, she didn't really take much from the length...mainly just layered and gave me bangs!
I'm happy!
Here's me today with the hair (not the face obviously...) au naturel after washing it!

(Actually, I don't feel like I look overly happy in this picture...)
Oh well. I know I'm happy.

And that's that!
Ya, I'm done for now.

Love you too.

xo T

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