Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I've chosen to make it feel a liiittle bit more Christmas-y at our house.
I don't really have many Christmas decorations, but I got out a couple for now ;)

To be honest, this is the main one. It's so easy...but I like how it looks :D
But I'll have to watch Bruce so he doesn't nibble away on them...

Another little thing would be my 'NOEL' letters...

These were made by Scott's sister Paige for us last Christmas!
And I'm going to be honest...that's all I've done so far x)
And I don't have much more to go!

But the two things that have definitely added to the Christmas feel...

1. Christmas music of course :D! It's time to start! I want to be thoroughly sick of Christmas music by the time Christmas rolls around!

2. Kittens jingling where ever they go (except at night...that's just horrible)
I started Bruce out in this one... look at his sweet little fat head!

I then had to switch him to the smaller bell, because you could NOT even see it 'moungst all of George's fur!

George looks so regal! ;)

OH! I almost forgot...
I also have a Christmas pillow ;)
annnnd of course I've got the Christmas scented hand soaps out :D

So this is how I've been making things a little more Christmas-y around here lately. 
Have you done anything yet??

Do share ;)

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Thanks for the kind words on my haircut :3

PPS. I've got everything sorted for the GIVEAWAY! Still coming soon :D!

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