Monday, November 25, 2013

Cats Damaging to Mental Health?

Have you seen this article?
It's talking about how being a cat owner can be damaging to your mental health.
Every point is true though...
Oh great -.-

(Warning: there are a few curse at your own discretion.)

Now click and go!

Here's an example of #28...

I went downstairs for about ONE minute...
Come upstairs - BAM! Spot has been stolen.

If it was just a George, I would've sat at the edge of the chair. 
Well they win. Standing/kneeling at the computer it was. 

Stupid cute things...

ANYWAYS...did you see my last post??
Have you started making things Christmas-y around you yet??

I've added our mini Christmas tree, a few more strings of lights and we've also been running the fire which is oh so cozy~! :3

And even though the weather has been on the warmer side, the Christmas lights are festive enough for me!

Tell me about what's Christmas-y around you!
Also, what do you think about the cat article? ;)

UPDATE ON THE GIVEAWAY - everything is in order! And it will be coming out in just under a week! Get yourself in a Christmas-y state of mind and keep your eyes peeled!

Love you too. 

xo T


  1. Until TiJ is married, there are going to be no Christmas preparations in my house. So I think a low key Christmas will be in order this year. It'll be great though because family from both sides will be coming to visit. Very exciting!

    1. Very exciting! :) too busy for Christmas decor...that's sad though