Sunday, December 1, 2013


Happy December 1st!

Are you as excited as I am for this? The answer should be NO...because you should be more excited than me. ;)
The only thing better than giving things, is getting things. And the only thing better than getting things, is NOTHING.
Just kidding...I'm a good person.
In all seriousness, I think giveaway time is delightfully fun and I AM excited. I kind of hope you're at least somewhat excited as well ;)

(this is me...excited)
Moving on...

SO let's get this party started!
There are a few 'individual' prizes and some (well, most) are little groups, I'll try to make everything as clear as possible...but if you're unsure of anything, just let me know!
To begin, I'll show all the prize options and then at the end I'll go over all the rules and such.
Let's-a go!

#1  -  Estee Package! 
4 things in this prize package...

1. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara in Extreme Black
(quite the mouthful...OH! And obviously it's a travel size...)
2. Estee Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal EyeLiner in Blackened Black and Blackened Cocoa
(it's double sided)
3. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex 2 
(if you haven't heard of this, it's their best selling's a serum, and obviously is a mini size, but you don't need a lot so you should get quite a few uses)
4. A small tote bag from Sephora

(PS, I've never tried this mascara...but it gets good ratings!)

(just so you can see what the brush/wand looks like)

(the tote)

#2  -  Benefit Package!
3 things in this prize package...

1. Small package of Turtles

2. Benefit They're Real! Mascara (in Black)
(it doesn't say the color...but it only comes in black - again, travel size)

3. Benefit Watt's Up!
(is a cream highlighter - mini size)

(Note: Yes, I got the little Benefit set free for my birthday...but I think they're great products that I love and I wanted to share with you!)

#3  -  Caudalie Package!
4 things in this prize package...

1. 5 Pack of Ferrero Rocher

2. Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water
(removes makeup from skin and eyes and tones skin)

3. Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
(use day or night under moisturizer to brighten skin)

4. Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid
(oil free day moisturizer, brightens complexion and minimizes pores)

(these are all travel/mini sizes...again, I haven't used them but they get good reviews)

#4  -  L'Occitane Package!
3 things in this prize package...

1. Pivoine Flora Hand Cream
(works to nourish and slightly perfume the hands)

2. Shea Butter Hand Cream
(protects and deeply moisturizes hands - #1 best seller)

3. Almond Smooth Hands
(light hand cream, instantly moisturizes)

(if you're all about the hand creams, this is the package for you)

#5  -  Face & Body Package!
3 things in this prize package...

1. Sephora Body Scrub in Pink Grapefruit Sorbet
(smells so good! will work great to exfoliate skin without a loofah)

2. Sephora Precision Pore Cleansing Pad
(I've had one for quite a while and love it! {Scott has one too...}Works to gently exfoliate skin...will help increase blood flow and promote cell turnover and leaves your skin feeling extra clean)

3. Anthony Logistics for Men Glycolic Facial Cleanser
(originally I got this for Scott - who loves it by the way - but I love it as well. This is just a travel size but will last a pretty decent amount of time.)

(I'm a big fan of these products)

#6  -  Bath & Body Works Package
4 things in this prize package...

1. Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Crisp Golden Pear
(a great Christmas-y soap...I also picked up one this season! scent is slightly reminiscent of apple cider...but more light and pear-y) 

2. Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Dark Bliss
(these two lotions are pretty random...but they smell good in my opinion!)

3. Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Paris Amour
(again, smells really good!)

4. Justin's Maple Almond Butter (10 Individual Serving Squeeze Packs)
(what can I say...they're so tasty! Great on a rice cake, with apple slices or heck - on it's own!)

(had to stick with tradition and throw some B&BW in...they just smell so good!)

#7  -  Healthy Package
1 thing in this prize package

Wild Roots 100% Natural Trail Mix - Coastal Berry Blend
(contains cashews, almonds, cranberries, yogurt chips, and wild blueberries)

(I recently discovered this at Costco, and I think it's so good! Such a tasty snack!
And to be honest, I thought the yogurt chips were white chocolate chips at first...)

#8  - Ferrero Package
1 thing in this prize package...

Ferrero  (all 3 varieties because they're tasty!)

(need I say anymore?)

(just so you know, George is NOT included in this package...)

He's included in this one!
#9  - Toffifee and George Package (only kidding)
1 thing in this prize package...

Toffifee (48 Piece)
(the big one)

(is and always will be one of my favorites!)

SO! Like last time... there are quite a few prizes to be won! Odds are pretty high to winning something! (Unless the same thing happens as last time and some people have significantly more luck than others...).
Again, you can enter your name to win any or ALL items you're interested in!

How do you enter??
WELL, to need to leave a comment (or a text, facebook comment/message, email, etc..) for EACH entry/item. Like last time, there will be a number of (relatively simple) ways to get an entry. In this comment, you will either tell me...
A) A Christmas tradition your family does! (no repeats from last year...)
B) A good/fun/memorable Christmas story.
C) A fond memory with Trudy! (memory lane is delightful!)
D) A delicious Christmas recipe I should try this year! (ideally sweet...)
E) Your favorite thing about Christmas (because I like this one) (again, no repeats allowed!)

A) Write a Christmas Poem! At least 2 stanzas long...
(Nothing lame, I want to see some creativity...)
B)  A fond memory with Trudy...AT CHRISTMAS TIME
(Again, to win the entry on this has to be something good...)

As I've said, you can enter for one can enter for ALL THE THINGS! You just have to make sure it's a separate entry per item! Make sure you say in the comment (email, text, facebook, etc.) WHAT the entry is for.
This will be running for an undetermined length of time. 
At least one week, but I will keep you posted!
At the end of the contest, I'll take all of the entries and do the individual draw for each prize package! Keep in mind...if you're the only entry, you obviously win! HOORAY!
Like last year, YES...I WILL ship out of Canada if someone in the US wins. I don't think I have many readers elsewhere...but please correct me if I'm mistaken.
Any questions about any of the products (or anything in general), let me know!

(Here's a link to last year's giveaway for reference...)

Again, my email is for those who would prefer to email.

(you can go now...)

Like always...

Love you too!

xo T


  1. This is for entry #3 - The Caudalie Package
    C) My fond memory is of the one year we went together to deliver Christmas baskets to the old folks for YW/YM. Every house we went to we sang a carol and we sounded AWESOME. And then we went to the hot missionaries' house, but they weren't home so we called out, "Elders! Come hither!" And for some reason we really laughed about it later.

    Ooh! That's a Christmas memory of you! So that counts as two entries! Ha!

    I would also like to enter for #4 - The L'Occitane package
    D) I learned how to make these amazing chocolate thingys and I think you would love them. Take a package of oreos and crush them up - icing and all - into little bits. Then mix it with a whole 250 mL cube of cream cheese. It should look pretty dark. Then roll the mix into little balls. A lot of little balls. Chill them for about an hourish. And then take some chocolate and melt it (like you would for fondue) and dip each chilled ball into the chocolate. Once all the balls have been dipped and the chocolate has hardened, you can eat them! Yum!

    And one more for #6 - The Bath and Body Works Package
    B) Let me tell you about the Christmas I spent in Utah. I was 8 years old and we were spending Christmas with one of my dad's sisters who lived down there. While we were there these suspicious little bumps began to appear on my body and my cousins joked that I was getting the chicken pox. Well, it wasn't a joke because it was the chicken pox! Me and my brother Kake had gotten it and so we both had a very itchy Christmas. But it turned out good though because we got pity presents from everyone to make up for our itchyness, hooray! And then a week after we got home, my other brother got the chicken pox too, haha.

    1. C) that was quite a delightful memory! We were ridiculous...
      D) those sound scrumptious! Thanks for sharing :3
      B) oh no! At least you got the pity gifts ;)

    2. Oh! And you have been entered for those three things! Feel free to enter for more if you wish. :)

  2. 2. Benefits Package
    A) So my family is all about Christmas traditions. The first one I'm going to tell you about is Christmas advent calendars. For a really long time my Mom would make a new advent calendar every year. We would all pick one that we loved and move the little pieces each day until Christmas came. So those were the fabric ones, but we also each got a candy advent calendar in our room. I used to always cheat and eat my candy earlier than I was supposed too....whoops. Last year my Mom brought me my favourite advent calendar and it is easily my favourite Christmas decoration.

    5. Face and Body Package
    A/E) So this is both a family tradition and my favourite thing about Christmas. Every year Santa brings our stocking and puts in on our bed sometime during the night on Christmas Eve. Then in the morning when we wake up we are able to open our stocking and the presents in it before we go down to the Christmas tree. It's awesome because then you have something to do while you are waiting to go down and open presents (my parents always had a strict timeline, we couldn't wake them up before 7am). There was always a standing rule with me and my younger siblings that whoever woke up first and found their stocking would wake up the others so we could open them together. The stockings always had an orange, juice box and babybel cheese in them. Along with chocolate and other fun wrapped presents. As I got older I used to wake up and check to see if the stocking was on my bed, pretty much every hour during the night. So Santa starting getting sneaky and hiding it in my room. Now Ryan hides my stocking in our room every year. It's just a fun tradition that is different from what most families do.

    9. Toffifees
    I try to make this every year for Christmas. I am a big sucker for caramels, and I love this recipe because it never fails me. It's quick, you don't need a candy thermometer and you can do so many different variations. Yum!

    Yay for giveaways! And Christmas!

    1. A)Oh man...that reminds me of an advent calender I remember from like 10 years ago. I loved it! It was a Christmas tree, and every day you'd get to pin an ornament on! I WANT IT!
      B)That's a great tradition! I'm going to keep this one in mind ;)
      Never heard of babybel cheeses in stockings! Orange is a given...what else would go in the toe??
      That's super fun though! Thanks for sharing :D
      C)Those look so scrumptious and easy! I may have to try those sometime for sure! :3

      You are entered in! Feel free to enter for more if you wish. :) If you win, I'll have to catch you sometime when you're in town :)

  3. 2, 6, 7, 8, and 9!
    A.We have fondue every Christmas Eve. Chocolate, cheese, and hot oil. So good!

    B. After a Christmas fireside I was walking with Michelle to the car, and my mom was a bit behind us. Out of nowhere our feet went flying out from under us just like they do in cartoons on banana peels! So we're on our backs in the parking lot as my mom (and several other witnesses) are cracking up at our synchronized wipe out.

    C. Remember the choir retreat at that bible camp? I remember a giant zit, falling out of bed, and various other hilarious events, haha!

    D. Make rice crispy squares but use peppermint extract instead of vanilla, then drizzle melted chocolate and crushed candy canes on top!

    E. Well this year my favourite thing is that I'll hopefully have this baby by then!

    1. Oh welcome!
      You like the goodies, hey? ;)
      Me too!

      A) Oh man! Such a good tradition! I haven't had fondue in a couple years...
      B) That is super funny!
      C) Uhh...yes. That was a gong show!
      Also our photo shoot on the playground equipment? Good times...
      D) These do sound delightful! I'll have to try for sure! Thanks!
      E) No doubt! Good luck with that!
      Speaking of which, that picture you posted to Facebook is so cute!
      Your hair is so long!