Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas Baby + Kittens?

Although the weekend is coming to a close, all things Christmas-y are in full force!
Only 3 measly day until Christmas.
Before anything else, Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad today! 48 years!
Love you guys! :)

What did you get up to this weekend??
Scott and I ran a few errands (and I made some cookie dough - festive goodies will be coming) and other than that, we've been keeping things pretty tame by cozying up at home.

When we did go out yesterday, it was madness! Utter madness!
And we were only by the minor strip mall near our house as opposed to the big malls.
I can't even imagine what they were like....

Unfortunately, I feel as though I'm coming down with a cold of sorts. What a fantastic Christmas present.
Yesterday when we were out, we went into Petland to get a couple toys for the kittens.
It was a danger zone...
There were quite a few animals on the ready for adoption...
I saw the cutest...smallest little kitten who needed a home...
I wanted it so badly!
Would that make me a crazy cat lady?
I know, I know.
Anyways...kitten remained at the store.
Hopefully she finds a good home.
It makes me sad to think about it...let's move on~

12 Days of Christmas.

On the tenth day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, ten cozy jammies, nine hot bevies, eight festive goodies, endless heaps of snow, six Christmas songs, fiiive strriiiiiiinnnnggs of liiiiiggggghhhts, four candy canes, three snuggly blankies, two fuzzy kittens, and a small fiber optic treeeeee.

Is there anything better to cozy up in than jammies??
I think not.

I could live in them!

Usually I like to wear shorts because I'm also wearing my moccasins and am also under a snuggly blanky...
HOWEVER, I do have one pair of cozy Christmas pj bottoms...

Aren't they cute?? :3

I've had them for a few they've gotten quite a bit of wear!

Do you have a favorite cozy pair of jammies?
Or do you find something else more cozy??
Birthday suits? 

Song of the day! This is always a classic in my books!
Merry Christmas Baby!

I also found one by CeeLo Green and Rod Stewart. Interesting.

I'm going to daydream of baby kittens.

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Here's Day 9 if you missed it.

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