Thursday, December 19, 2013

All I Want For Christmas Is YOU...and snow...

We're down to the final countdown here people!
(By the way, this song has been stuck in my head lately... -.-)

Have you been to the malls lately? 
At least they are here anyways...

Are you shopping for others or yourself?
This is a circle of trust here...never fear ;)

As I said yesterday, I'm not sure if it will be an extremely white Christmas around here this year...but it was sure white out yesterday! And slow moving with all the resulting traffic...

Although the sun is out today, the snow is sure sticking around for all to see!

On the seventh day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, endless heaps of snow, six Christmas songs, five striiinnnngs of liiiiiggghhhhhts, four candy canes, three snuggly blankies, two fuzzy kittens, and a small fiber optic treeeeee. 

What are you craving about Christmas time now that there's only 6 days left??

I'll tell you something I'm looking forward to tomorrow ;)

So my song choice for the day is one of my favorites! Especially Mariah Carey's version. I just love it!
Though the alternate version I found is quite enjoyable as well.
Check them out!

ORRRR, have you heard this alternate version by NOTA??

Do you have a favorite version??

PS. If you missed it, here's Day 6. Go listen to all the Christmas songs!

PPS. I've heard from all winners EXCEPT Amber for the Giveaway. If I don't hear from you by the end of Sunday...I may need to redraw on your items!

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