Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hettie Memories and Yummy Things

Happy Saturday to you! Also, Happy First Day of Winter (supposedly....).

A week ago, we had a Hettie come stay with us...and just yesterday I dropped her off at the airport.
It was sad to bid her adieu...but we had a fun week!

I realized we didn't take ANY selfies and there are only a couple pictures in total!
Oh well.
Here's some highlights! yoga. Hettie had never been, so she decided to take a risk and check it out! She at least somewhat enjoyed it and commented that it was kind of challenging and obviously very hot! We got nice and sweaty!

...we got to work out together. Before she moved, we were work out buddies! It was nice to be reunited and get some good workouts in! We spent a LOT of time at the mall. We're both kind of slow shoppers and apparently we're also quite bad influences on each other....
It was fun regardless ;)

...finding ginormous Toblerone!

I think the picture speaks for itself ;)
No I didn't get one...yet.

...a couple stops at OJs (Original Joe's). For chicken fingers and fries of course. So good!
Though the last time, the fries were definitely under cooked! Even after a second try! Yuck!
No one likes a limp fry. We thought our line of fries looked pretty ridiculous.

...we walked, quite a bit! 
My feet felt so sore!

...we watched a few Christmas-y movies
Love Actually, Four Christmases, and The Holiday. 

...we had lots of laughs, good times, and made new memories! 
Miss you!
Enjoy your Christmas...and even more important, the fondue party ;)

Only 4 days left until Christmas now!
I'm hoping you're all ready by now!
On with the 12 Days of Christmas!

On the ninth day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, nine hot bevies, eight festive goodies, endless heaps of snow, six Christmas songs, fiiive strriiiiiiinnnnggs of liiiiiggggghhhts, four candy canes, three snuggly blankies, two fuzzy kittens, and a small fiber optic treeeeee.

Yes, I'm pretty sure I talk about these hot and festive bevies every year! They're just so tasty! And they're only here once a year...I'm just doing my duty!
I don't have nine different pictures or even nine different bevies for you...but I'll share a few I've been enjoying!

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (Starbucks)
It was my first. Delicious...and sweet!!!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate (Starbucks)
Always tasty, and not too sweet. 

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate (Tim's)
A classic. Also quite sweet! I'd stick with a small...

(Recall me saying I've been enjoying candy cane flavored things) ;)

Have you been enjoying some festive hot bevies?
What's your favorite?

For the song of the day, I had Beach Boys on the mind! 
Very catchy song!
(Sorry if it's not working to play over over to YouTube to hear!)

ORRRRR would you prefer this song??

Oh, and yes...cookie dough making has begun.

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Here's Day 8 if you missed it!

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