Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Update - Reading, Kittens, Cold and Giveaway's

Well hey there!
I know...I haven't been doing the best at blogging. Usually I like to blog every day in December...because I find Christmastime to be delightful! But alas, I've been a failure. I'll try to do better!

I know I'm not as busy as some of you fine people out there, but I've been busy!

With what??
Well, I'm actually going to do a bit of an update here goes!
I'll start with the minor things and then go on to a slightly more major update later on.

...finished all the Jane Austen books.
Near the beginning of August, I had been on a bit of a binge with watching the Jane Austen movies I could find on Netflix. When that was done, I didn't feel satisfied! So closer to the end of August, I started reading all the books (which are much easier to access). Not only does Scott have them all (he has a rather large collection of books...), but they're free to read on Kobo, which is what I did (in case you're wondering).
I saved my favorite ( I had never read the book) for last, Pride and Prejudice...and it's still my favorite. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are my favorite. Though I did like most of them quite a bit.

Have you read them? Which is your favorite?

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...I've got my kittens shots all up to date for the year.
George wasn't too impressed going in twice over the past month...but it's all done! No more Vet visits (unless something goes horribly wrong...Bruce is always up to no good...) for a year now! I think we're all happy about that. My computer (or my phone) is not cooperating for uploading photos right I'll just blast you with a few kitty pictures within the next few days! 
Look forward to that.
I know you are...

...My sister Hettie (and her husband) is visiting from Scotland!
Haven't seen her for a year and a half, so it's definitely been nice! We've been able to talk more often, but I've only seen her once. Next week, we'll have much more time together. ;)

...If you didn't know, it's been decently snowy, slippery and cold lately.
I don't particularly enjoy sliding around and taking so long to get everywhere....but it hasn't been horrible. 
If nothing else, it's definitely looking nice and Christmas-y!

...I've gotten to spend significantly more time with Scott!
Which has been quite nice :)

...I still like ice cream...and hot yoga.
'nuff said.

And lastly...

...I've withdrawn from school. 
I'm not sure what to say about that. No, I wasn't failing or even doing poorly at all. Not sure if the timing was wrong, or if the program was wrong or if I'm just a bum...but I wasn't feeling it and I withdrew.
SO lately, I've been working a few days a week...which isn't too exciting, but it is nice to be making money.
(If you didn't know already...surprise!)

So that's what I've been up to lately. Scott and I have also recently started watching Supernatural on Netflix. I've never really seen it before...some of the episodes creep me out, a lot. But it's keeping us amused. 

I've realized I don't really have any Christmas movies. FAIL!
I love Christmas movies!

So what've you been up to lately? 
What Christmas movies do you have?

OH! One more thing, I've been LOVING the entries/comments for the giveaway. Only a few days to go! Enter now, as it ends this Saturday night/Sunday morning.
Get on it. 

Love you too.

Over and out.

xo T

PS. Christmas is in 2 weeks! O.O!

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