Sunday, September 1, 2013

A look in the past!

September?? What?!!?

I can't even believe it.
The days are getting shorter, leaves are starting to change color and fall, and Summer is quickly coming to an end. (Though you wouldn't know it by how often the ice cream truck comes by...)

And I'm trying to blog a little more often, yes for you, but mainly for me and my record keeping.
I like to look back at my posts and the ridiculousness I've been through :)

Approximately a year ago here's what was going on...

...I was getting married!  (Ok...slightly over a year ago, but close enough!)
Leaving behind the single life and moving onto a pretty big adventure (if I do say so myself).
It has not been easy, but overall...I've loved it! And I love you Scott :)
(I'm allowed to be sentimental and lame from time to time...this is my writing place!)

(picture c/o Mel...and my Facebook)

(picture c/o Dar...and also my Facebook)

...Honeymoon! We weren't able to take our honeymoon until the mid to end of August. We went to California and had a great time! I miss it...and the many fro-yo trips ;)

...George-aversary! Almost exactly a year ago, we had a honeymoon kitten. :D I found some adorable kittens on kijiji and knew I NEEDED one. I fell in love with a little ball of fluff and adorable-ness! 
He's still cute and fluffy...but now he acts like he's a crotchety, old grandpa cat. Let's blame Bruce.
Very happy I got you George, even though it seems like you hate me sometimes...)

(and an extra picture, because he's so dang cute)

...I got in a car accident. Let's not talk about it. Instead let's hope and pray that my driving luck has changed for the better! Especially since I've been looking for brand new cars!


...SMILE COOKIES! If my blog knows one thing, it's that smile cookies (from Tim Horton's) should be coming out in the next couple weeks. YAAYYYYYY!
There's just something about that smile...


...I was just awesome! You should go read some of my older posts (if you want). They're...interesting... ;)

Well that was certainly fun for me, and I hope you guys didn't mind it either ;)

Hey, if nothing else...those were the first wedding pictures to make it to the blog!
I'm horrible... 

Do you remember anything major from a year ago??
And (you Canadian's) have you heard anything about the smiling cookies??

Love you too. 

xo T

PS. That news I mentioned is still coming...patience!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love all the pictures that you posted.

    1. Why thank ya! And yes, it was in July...but I figured it was close enough ;)