Friday, September 13, 2013


Are you superstitious??

Happy Friday the 13th!

I'm not superstitious at today has been just dandy. Luckily no black cats crossed my path ;)
Bruce isn't entirely black...y'know?

Lately I've been up to...! Lots to do! It's going to be busy for sure...

I'm really enjoying it though!
There's only about 30 people in my program...and we get to stay together for every class and I think it's nice.
We're getting to know each other pretty well and, for the most part, it's quite fun!

There are a couple of people that annoy me...but I'd say that's pretty normal.

So far so good!

My health related classes are really interesting...communications as well! (Though I've pretty well already taken communications, so it's more of a refresher).
Anatomy, I've also already taken...but it's a definitely necessary refresher. I feel as though I'm just learning everything from scratch! So much to memorize! *.*

Lots of reading to be done!

How's school going for you?
Or what are you up to?

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Did you see which vehicle I chose? ;)

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