Thursday, February 14, 2013

Catch up! And Happy Feb 14th ;)

Hey again! Well it's good to be back, I think... Yes. Anyways, so what's been happening? Tell me a story!
Not a ton has been happening with me, but a few things that I can think of are...

...Scott's been at work for a while. I saw him for a few days about 2 weeks ago and then I hadn't see him for a couple weeks before that. HOWEVER, he comes back today - yay!

...George got fixed. It was the most heartbreaking thing to see him all drugged, confused and stumbling all over the place. Poor little guy! And then he had to wear a little cone for a week! Sweet little cone! He got used to it...

...I've been working on changing decisions. That's all I'll say for now, but ya...working on it ;)

...I tried hot yoga! I went with Paige (Scott's younger sister) and it was so awesome! Have you tried it?? I've honestly never sweat so much in my life, but you feel so amazing after. (For those who don't know what it's basically just yoga but in a room that has a temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit). Like I said...awesome. Need to go back.

...I went down to Lethbridge for a dentist appointment and the teethies are good! Plus I got to see my parents but also spend a decent amount of time with Whitney and Amy :D It was a great time, we had a ton of fun and I can't wait until next time! Love you guys :)!

...I really love toasted English Muffins with jam and almond butter. They're just so dang good!

Oh and Happy February 14th to you (Valentine's if you 'celebrate' it)! 
Do you do anything special for Valentine's? 
It's never been anything big for me...just another holiday to eat strangely shaped treats. But you can buy (or make) those for yourself ;)
{Also, it's not really a holiday if you don't get the day off work...}

Last year, Scott and I made some dinner and then we watched Gladiator {festive, right?}. HOWEVER, I will say that we went out for a nice dinner the night after. (For anyone in Calgary, it's called Brava, it's on 17th and it's delicious {and expensive}). And after THAT, we got big deal ;) {That in itself was a gong show, but that's a story (possibly) for another time}.

I tried resisting, but I can't do it. It's technically 'the day of love''s my favorite love song. At least I think it is...

Love you too.

xo T

(The cone picture is George, the other picture is from good old Google!)


  1. Remember the time we got together and watched scary movies on Valentine's Day? What a bad idea that was! But it made for some funny memories.

    1. Well that was horrible! You and I do NOT do well with scary movies haha. I still don't...

  2. Yay for Scott coming back tonight :) gladiator is an amazing movie and i would be happy to watch that on valentine's day too! Have I mentioned I'm glad you're back :)

    1. It's good to be back! Although I've been MIA all week... Heh heh.