Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blog 2.0

Well hi there! My name is Trudy Johnson, you may remember me from such blogs as "Don't look at me in that tone of voice" or perhaps from real life. It's been a while - how's it going?

Why the new blog?
 Well...a couple reasons. 1. If you look back (or recall from memory), I had a black background on my old blog and I'm sick of dealing with it. I can't just switch to a white background now or you won't be able to read a LOT of my old posts and there is NO way that I'm going through every post and changing that. 2. If I actually had a second reason, I forget it. So ya, basically I just was ready for something different and it was too difficult to switch everything over on the old blog.

So...WELCOME TO TRUDY TALK! :D My old blog title was pretty nonsensical and this just makes a bit more sense. It's basically a blog where I (Trudy) ramble on about whatever I please.
Be prepared for things to change at anytime, I'm still figuring out what I want things to look like around here and in the meantime...I wanted to talk again!

Thanks everyone for sticking with me or if you're new... WELCOME! I have a blog from the past 3 years of my life which can be found here.

I figure I should just end this post here and I'll either get another one up later today or watch for that!

Again, thanks for reading :)!

Love you too.

xo T


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you're back!! I've missed you! Love the look of the new blog, too :)

    1. It's good to be back! Glad you're still with me :D