Monday, August 26, 2013

Zoom zoom - Help me!

In my last post, I mentioned I've been test driving some I'll share more on that today!

At first, we were looking at used vehicles but with the way financing and rates and warranty are, it almost seems best to get brand new.
What's your opinion?

So far, I've mainly been testing out SUV's. I like being higher off the ground, I like the spaciousness, and I like the option to have AWD or 4WD.

They're all fairly comparable...but I will share a few things about them and what I've driven so far.

Tucson: I liked how it was a nice compact SUV...but it felt very gutless.
Santa Fe: Very nice, was revamped and is now comparable to luxury vehicles. Bad blind spots. But powerful.

Journey: Horrible...'nuff said.

CR-V: Quite nice with some cool features. Very of the highest safety ratings.

CX5: Zoom zoom! Felt speedy. Very light. Has sensors on the mirror if someone is beside you. One of the only one's made in Japan.

Escape: Wasn't a fan of the interior. Quite expensive for features that come standard in the others.

Trax: Nice and small. Gutless.
Equinox: Powerful because there's a V6 option... but a little big.

Matrix: Larger car. Was fun and compact but still prefer the space of an SUV. But little to no blind spots.
Rav 4: Not as bad blind spots as other SUVs. Nice interior. Fun ride.

Rogue: Very similar to the Mazda...exterior and ride wise. Doesn't have the sensor on the mirrors like the Mazda...but has slightly bigger mirrors for more visibility.

One bad thing about these, is most of them are pretty bad for visibility...but you (or I, rather) would just have to rely on mirrors more.
And I am still wanting to test out a couple Subaru's.

Have you heard anything about these?
Any opinions/experiences would be appreciated :)

Love you too.

xo T


  1. Hahaha, my housemates own a Journey and they love it so I love the fact that you hated it. I got to drive it once and I thought it was alright, but it seemed like it was just made to look good and make you feel fancy.

    Sorry I don't have any valuable input. Maybe see if Top Gear's done an episode on any of those!

    1. Scott would probably know. He loves the show! He already told me no Chev because he said he has seen episodes on them.

      In regards to the Journey...really I think it depends on th person. It did have a nice interior for sure. Their V4 engine (to me) didn't feel very powerful. The thing that bugged me the most is that it felt far too close to a thank you!

  2. Toyota 4Runner the newer models are awesome!! if you get the limited model u get all the extra sweet stuff. I love my 4 runner. Id love a Sequoa but they are a ton of money and a little big for your needs prob.
    what about the Acura SUV i forget the name... I've never driven it but it sure looks nice.

    1. I don't want a big beastly SUV! Pretty well all new vehicles LOOK nice. The new 4runners are pretty big. And the Sequioa?! Don't you think that's a little big for YOUR needs? Haha. It's basically a glorified suburban!

      I'm not looking at Luxury vehicles...sure they pretty well all look nice, the price doesn't look very nice though ;)
      I liked the look of the Volvo as well!

      Not sure why, but your comment popped up three times...that's what's up with the removals below ;)

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