Sunday, August 25, 2013

August Update!

Ohhhh, why yes!

I'm not going to make up excuses...I haven't felt like blogging, so I didn't!

So today will be update day - HOORAY!

  • Scotty is back out at work (and has been for a while now)... Yes I still miss him and I have gone out to visit him once so far as well as he's only a couple hours away. (But he still needs to stay on site all the time).

  • Bruce and George are still up to no good. Running around one minute and then collapsing in a heap of snuggles the next. Silly kitties...

  • Still hot yoga-ing! And still loving it! I feel like I've gotten substantially better at it and also quite a bit stronger. Though I do also feel like my balance has gotten better, but some days...I'm just falling all over the place. *sigh* Oh well...keep practicing!

  • The weather has been pretty decent's awesome! I've been thoroughly enjoying going for walks in the afternoon :) Bruce always tries to come, but my kitties are indoor only!!

  • Oh right...there was also a floss eating incident. I learned an important lesson...Bruce will eat basically anything he can. (He loves watermelon, blueberries, cucumbers, yogurt, smoothies, any meat...okay pretty well anything he can get in his little mouth...)

  • I CANNOT believe that August is almost over. Time is FLYING! It's almost Fall...and that means it's almost winter - eeep~! :X

  • I'm still trying to figure out which vehicle to get and am still fully open to suggestions! I've been test driving...but I'm not done yet! (Though I feel like I want to be done...and I'm certainly done with getting all the calls from dealerships...) -.-

  • Remember how I mentioned I've been watching Jane Austen movies?? WELLLL now I'm reading them all. So far I've gotten through Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion and now I'm on Emma. What can I say? I like them! (And now I've been watching my way through Grey's Anatomy...stupid addicting show...)

And those are the main points! Other than that, just the standard...breathing, sleeping, eating ice cream, and trying to get some organizing done in the house. I have a hard time getting rid of things. *sigh*

I do have one more update...but I'm saving that for another day ;)

Hope all is well! I've missed you guys!
Tell me, what's one major thing that's new with you?
Or a few minors? 

Do share!

Love you too.

xo T


  1. Have I raved to you yet about how we think the Hyundai Elantra is the best car ever? We loved ours. The Nissan Versa is okay, but has no guts. And you've got me realllly excited about your one more update, but I'm not going to make any guesses as to what I think it is. But I think you know what I think it is ;)

    1. Yes! I think you did tell me that...

      And oh, I bet you do ;)