Friday, August 9, 2013

Sweet little cone...

Well hey there! Nice to see (or y'know, type to...) you again!

I can't believe it's NOT ONLY August...but it's basically HALF WAY THROUGH August.
Jeez...time is going fast... I'm getting old. >.<

I've been busy and not busy.
Not so busy in day to day life (unless you include watching TV shows and  a bunch of Jane Austen movies -.-) but busy in general.
That doesn't make sense...
I guess let's just say, my mind is busy...and it's not blog worthy things to share.

One thing I HAVE been busy with is getting a sweet little Bruce fixed. I've been babysitting him and his sweet little cone!

Ya...needless to say, he was NOT too impressed. Though I guess I don't blame the little guy!
Especially when I first brought him home, he could barely stand up straight.
He still managed to give me a look of death.
It's been an interesting couple of days, with many an incident with cones crashing into things...but he's gotten better ;)

Luckily he's getting used to it...annnnd he gets it off in a couple days. At least he...knows for next time.
There better not be any cone next times!

At first, George was NOT impressed with this cone-headed monster... stumbling around and crashing into things. It scared him even more than plastic bags (which scare him quite a bit, I assure you), I think he may have even peed a little (he did, he actually peed a little one time...).

Well you know what George, about 6 months were a cone-headed disaster! You were stumbling all over the place...crashing into everything that could be crashed into, knocking over everything you could possibly knock over and when you were done with all that, you just gave up and slept...LOTS!
Bruce fails sometimes...but at least he tries!

Don't give me that cute look. Anyone could look cute in one of those!

Both just from Google images...

I stand corrected...
and horrified...

also Google...

And you sir, you just look stupid.
What do you have to be kept from licking?

Let's end on a good note, shall we?


I keep wanting to find George's old cone so they can be cone buddies together!
Sure, it will be horrible for all of us...but they'll look so cute!

Love you too.

xo T


  1. Aww poor munchkin! I hope he heals up quick! He looks adorable with that cone haha ;)

    1. I know right?? haha! He's doing awesome though :)