Wednesday, July 24, 2013 deserve better than this!

Woah. Life got away from me again. I got caught up in things and put the blog on the backburner...yet again.

Isn't that alright?
Well sure! It's alright sometimes...but I just got lazy with it and have been focusing on a few other things.
Not necessarily a warranted  neglect. Sorry!!

Good to be back though!

Forgive me?

I've been trying to get caught up on all you fine folk's blogs out there!I love hearing about your lives and I've been missing you!

Don't worry, I know you missed me too.

Where was I last time?
Ah yes! I was talking about goodies that I love getting from the US of A, Justin's Almond Butter's in particular.

Have you tried them?
Well you should!

SO, as I mentioned in the last blog...I happened to try the Maple flavor and I FELL IN LOVE. No joke.
Definitely delicious, especially with apple slices ;)

If you read my last post, you'd know I just could NOT resist getting me some more ASAP so I placed an order (on Tuesday night) and it wasn't even TOO expensive!
Thursday, early afternoon, my sweet treat had arrived!!

It's just as delicious if not better ;)
Thanks iHerb, for satisfying my craving!
(Only thing I kind of forgot...there was a tax/duty to pay on arrival for shipping food across the border. BOO! Still worth it though...).
I have yet to try the Vanilla kind, I was just curious so I figured I may as well got a bottle of it as well!

Just nut butters?? What else?
No, that's not all (though it's a pretty big part).
Scott and I have also been working on making things more homey (not to be mistaken with homely) around here! Pictures and shelves and such...still a work in progress! I'll be sharing some soon if you wish ;)

Unfortunately, Scott will be having to go back to work pretty soon as well. :(
That's no fun...but alas, we knew it would be coming eventually!
I'm just lucky I got more time with him than was to be expected!

I've still been going to hot yoga...still loving it! And I even made a new friend. She's very nice and she's going to be getting married in just over a week - congratulations!

Still have 2 kittens...they're still cute, fuzzy and annoying.

Weather has been all kinds of CRAZY here! No more flooding (yet...), but it goes from hot and sunny one second, to crazy thunderstorms and hail the next. CALM DOWN!
(Though, because of all the rain is the reason Scott is still home... it's bittersweet I suppose).

I'm going to try getting blogs up more often, but I hope this will do for now :)

Love you too.

xo T

Have you been getting thunderstorms like crazy??
What're you up to this Summer?
Does life distract you sometimes?? ;)


  1. According to the locals, GP has been getting a lot more rain this year than usual, BUT it is certainly a lot calmer up here than it is down south. There have been no tornados or car-damaging hail. There hasn't even been any flooding, so really, we have nothing to complain about.

    1. Are you sick of the rain yet?? I still haven't seen a tornado...
      No more flooding here lately either... YAY!

  2. That is one of the most amazing pictures of nut butter I've ever seen :P We've been getting some wicked storms this month, too...I had to outrun one on Tuesday night and literally jumped on my porch as it started down times! Life has definitely distracted me recently, and I haven't been dedicating nearly as much as I used to to blogging, but I'm ok with that. Real life is more important in my opinion, and I'm glad you've been enjoying yours, too :)

    1. Isn't it?? :D

      Good thing you can run fast!!

      Glad you've been enjoying life as well! Still trying to get caught up on your life!!