Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hurts so good.

You know how I went to hot yoga (after 2 and a half weeks of no yoga) and all was just fine and dandy?
Well, sure it was fine DURING, but later that evening and the next day...I was SORE!
Good sore...but sore nonetheless.

You know what also happened yesterday?
Tammy, Conner and Tyler (family from Texas) flew in.
They just missed us TOO much ;)
SO, we picked them up and then we headed to the Stampede! (Calgary's rodeo/exhibition/fair/etc)
Not only was it HOT, it was CRAZY BUSY! I'm pretty sure it was Kids Day...greaaat -.-
But we still had a lot of fun!
. . .Fun rides (though we didn't get to do as many as we'd like because the lines were all crazy like)
. . .Deliciously horrible foods (fried bread, deep fried oreos, pineapple whip, poutine, root beer, and LOTS of lemonade)
. . .Exploring the stands of things for sale and buying a few things :D
. . .Discovering there's now a new model of Vitamix (7500) that just came out that's not only more conveniently sized and powerful, but also more quiet. DANG IT!
. . .Getting a little bit burnt even though I'd just been in Texas for 2 weeks. Though I guess it's my own fault for not putting any sunscreen on, PLUS it was a long day. And Scott was more burnt than me ;) Poor Scotty.

Here's a few things from Stampede from 2011 and 2012.
Anyways...FUN TIMES! Thanks guys for hanging out with us! Have fun in Lethbridge ;)

Today I got to come into work...that's never fun after time off. But I guess it's nice to make a little money after vacation. Needless-to-say, getting up at 5:30 and going to hot yoga after almost 3 weeks of waking up at my leisure... just DID NOT happen. Oh well!

Do you have a local rodeo/fair?
Have/are you going??

Love you too.

xo T

PS. YES, I realize I should take my phone around with me and take more pictures...but generally, it just doesn't happen!


  1. They've got one here in GP called the Stompede. Cute, eh? I didn't get the chance to go, but we got to wear jeans at work for a week to dress all country-like.

    1. Oh man! That's ridiculous...glad you at least got to dress casually!

  2. Ouchhhhh, I think that first day back with the alarm clock going off is always the worst. Ease back into it girl ;) That Stampede sounds fun and like the state/county fairs we have around here. I haven't been to one since I left Grove City for Pittsburgh a few years ago, but we always enjoyed going, eating lots of crappy fair food, and riding all the rides :)

    1. Uhhh ya...definitely! You'll have to go again one day!