Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I don't know if you knew this....but I'm a sweetsy person (one who likes sweets); especially chocolate, cereal, and cream.
I also like salty treats from time to time, but my heart lies with sweet things.

 As you know, Scott and I recently got back from Texas...and whenever I venture down to the States, I ALWAYS pick up a few goodies that we don't have here in Canada.
The US just always has more of a selection - not fair.

So I picked up a couple bags of Milky Way Simply Caramel (those are delish), some Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans (also tasty), a box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch (yay!), and even a few nut butters.

 I read quite a few blogs of people who live somewhere in the US of A (I'm VERY behind though...sorry guys!), so I always see tasty treats they pick up from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods (organic type grocery stores).
The last couple times down South, I made it a priority to check out these places. Last year, I didn't make it to a Whole Foods but at Trader Joe's, we picked up some Cat Cookies, Cookie Butter and a few other things and it was very exciting for me to try them. (Yes, they were scrumptious). This year, we made it a priority to hit both places. We got one more container of Cat Cookies from TJ and there was a specific thing that I reeeaaaallly wanted from Whole Foods. Think Nut Butters...can you guess?

Ya, it was Justin's Almond Butters. I had heard nothing but good things about them, and I was so excited to FINALLY get my paws on some!
Now this WF didn't have a huge I just picked up what they had. A jar of Honey Almond Butter, jar of Chocolate Almond Butter and then a couple of the little squeeze packages of Maple Almond Butter to try (as they didn't have the jars). I left happy though, that I'd get to try these delicious things :D

So when I got back to Canada, I cracked open a little package of the Maple Almond Butter to have with an apple one day and WOW~! It was good! :3 So flavorful!
About a week later, I needed to have the other one...I couldn't save it any longer. AND it was just as delicious.
But then... my 2 little Maple Almond Butter packs...were gone :'(

A few days later, I decided to crack into my Honey Almond Butter to see how it compared....and although it was tasty, it just didn't quite compare with the Maple.

So what's a Trudy to do?
Wait until the next trip South in hopes of finding some more?
Make a friend who will send me my fix over the border?
Just give up and move on?

OR...look online and order some? ;)

My 2 jars and a 10 little packages will be here 2-6 days - YAY!

If you haven't tried, I'd HIGHLY recommend ;)

Have you tried Justin's? Favorite flavor?
Do you pick up different foods/treats/products when you visit different places??

Love you too.

xo T

PS. All this talk of 'Maple kind' reminded me of this ridiculous video...have you seen it??


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