Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Home, sweet home...

Or rather...kittens, sweet kittens ;)

We're back in good old Canada, but really...we miss Texas!
But alas, here we are and I've missed my furry little friends.

We're all unpacked with our laundry all done and I suppose it's nice to be home. 
Today I went to my first yoga class since being gone and it was actually not so bad!
I was a little tight and tired...but all in all - good!

Bruce also had to go in for his second set of shots today...poor little poopsie!
He didn't mind it so much, but he absolutely HATED the car ride. 
He wanted out of his little carrier - MEOW. 

Here's my current view of the little guys...

But anyways...Texas was great!
I don't know if I have any major stories, but we really enjoyed ourselves and if it weren't for missing the fuzz faces...we may have extended our trip.
Lucky we love you Bruce and George ;)

But thanks so much to Dave, Tammy, Conner, and Tyler!
It was a great time and we definitely miss it there. 

They miss us so much they're coming for a visit. ;)
See you guys soon!

Love you too. 

xo T

Any excitement and vacations going on out there? 
I haven't read any blogs! Ah!


  1. DId you get to celebrate the 4th of July in Texas?

    1. Sure did! Didn't do anything MAJORLY festive...did see some fireworks though.