Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Hair, Cookies and Family

TGIF! I know, I know...the weekend is pretty well here! And little old me is talking about last weekend. Woohoo~!

SO! If you know may or may not know that I frequently get bored of my hair. Yes, I only got my hair cut about 2 months ago and I could technically go about 6 months to a year! I'm always wanting to try something new, change it up, get it cut, or even colored (even though I've never got it colored...not really anyways). Heck, I've even got a perm because I was bored!

The past little while, I've been considering taking my hair shorter...but I was just too scared! But this past Saturday (after hot yoga...with my sweaty french braid) I decided I was going to go for it! I went to a different salon and stylist than I usually go to and asked her about short hair on me and what she thought would look good and this was the end result!

It's not NEAR as bad as I was expecting. It's a long it's fairly short in the back. But I was impressed! However, it was a pretty big shocker because I haven't my hair this short since...when it grew out from birth?
I liked how it looked straight...but how would it look with my natural waves?
The verdict?
Eh, it's alright. Looks pretty similar to how it normally looks...just shorter (duh -.-).
I do really like it though.
Just feel like it makes me look about 15 or so ;)

What do you think??

Lately, I've been on a bit of a cookie kick...always making basically the same recipe. I've mentioned Sally several times before, and I'm mentioning her again because...well....she makes delicious things!
So the cookies I've been making are Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies and guys...they are goooooooood~!
I generally follow her recipe to a T (well, besides my realizing that I was actually using one egg + one egg WHITE as opposed to one egg + one egg YOLK...whoops! They were still good) ;).
{One different thing about this recipe is it uses some CORN STARCH, which makes for some extra chewy cookies}.
However, last weekend I decided I wanted to try something a little different...I wanted peanut buttery cookies.
So I opened a few old Reese's Pieces and (chopped up) Reese from Halloween (hey, judge all you want...they were still good) threw 'em in and called it a day!

...these were yummy cookies ;)
Especially fresh, warm and gooey!

I would highly recommend them or any of Sally's treat's really ;)

{Oh and Nani...these are chilled overnight, making them chewy, thick and delicious!}

I also got to spend some time with the Russell's out in Strathmore. My niece, Ruth, was in a musical at school...The Little Mermaid. She was the herald (the little seahorse that makes announcements to the King)...she did good! Actually, the whole musical itself was quite good and humorous!
Especially considering it's high school acting ;D
Just kidding! Well done!

And congratulations to my 3 nieces that graduated over the past month!
Cassidy, Ruth, and all looked great!
Almost done!

And on that note...I shall bid you good day and good weekend!

What did you get up to last weekend?
What're your plans for this weekend?
Make anything delicious lately?

Scott gets back from fishing tomorrow - YAY!
I've missed you!

Love you too.

xo T

And I'll leave you with Bruce....because I think it's a swell idea!

(He fell asleep while waiting for me to finish showering and such)

PS. Did you read my post on pushing yourself?

PPS. Happy Birthday Frances!

PPPPPPP(?!?!)S. Some new 'rules' on sunscreen. Thought they were interesting and probably good to know!


  1. I LOVE THE HAIR CUT!! You look gorgeous, girl!! Happy weekend :)

  2. Way to completely read my mind, Trudy. I saw the pictures of the cookies and I thought to myself, "I've got to ask if she refrigerated the dough!" But then you answered my question for me. You rock.

    And I like the hair. You look like a total kid in the second picture, but that could have also been due to your sunglasses/t-shirt combo.

    1. I try ;) I knew it would be on your mind!

      And thanks! And I KNOW! Total kiddo ;)