Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Addition

We'll start with one new thing today... and NO, it's not a baby.

Lately, I've been thinking George has been a little lazy/ lonely (in my eyes).

(this...pretty well sums his life up)
{so fluffy and cute!}

So about two and a half weeks ago...we (especially me) decided to add a little cutie to the crazy cat family!
And honestly, I just wanted another kitten as well ;D

 Blogging world...Meet Bruce (Wayne)!

 Oh hi there little cutie!

Since we've had George for close to a year now, we kind of forgot about what a pain little kittens are! Curious, messy, high energy, crazy!

This little guy can get up to big things! And he terrorizes George to no end. But surprisingly enough, you can tell George loves him. They're frequently playing together, grooming one another, and even sleeping/cuddling together!

There are frequently little 'mews' and annoyed 'mreows' in the air now. George doesn't get near as much 'alone time'... but he doesn't seem to mind so much.

And EVENTUALLY this little ball on energy should calm down!

I will admit though, it's nice to have someone who wants to cuddle again.

George would cuddle from time to time, but Bruce is a big cuddler...for now ;) 
 BUT...he's also an equally big whiner. 

George has been surprisingly good and almost motherly with him. 
It's sweet~!

And George has ALMOST gotten used to sharing all his things ;) 
But he's definitely still getting used to all the snuggles.

Most of the time, he won't admit to them. And proceed to be a big old tough cat. 

But Bruce can handle himself ;)
(He is Batcat afterall)

So get used to this little face! Because you'll probably be seeing lots more ;)

Love you too

xo T

PS. Here's George when he was just a wee kitten. We're thinking we may have gotten George when he was closer to 6 weeks because he was just a tiny ball of fluff. He was pretty dang cute!


  1. You're turning into a crazy cat lady! This is funny cause I started working on a post with a topic related to this one...

    1. Ah maybe...but Scott said no more. But in all honestly, I can't even imagine having a third!
      I'm excited to read ;)