Friday, June 14, 2013

Vacations - where to?

It has been pretty busy here on my end for the past couple days!

STILL getting over this cold ;( GO AWAY!

I hope it hits the road soon...because soon WE'LL BE HITTING THE ROAD :D!
(Actually more hitting the know...).


When do you like to take trips/vacations??

I've only really taken trips in the Spring/Summer, because that seems to be the easiest time to go!
Sometimes, I would LOVE to take off in the Winter and go somewhere WARM!

Do you take trips/vacations every year?

Ideally, I like to take at least one trip or big vacation per year (if possible). I'm sure that won't always be a possibility, but the past few years have been good!
When I was younger, I hardly went on any trips. But the past 5 or so years, I've always done some sort of trip!

Where to this year?

Back to Texas! My sister, Tammy, and her little family lives there. I've visited 2 times now and I'm looking forward to going back!
Good times... ;)
Yes, I was just there 2 years ago with Hettie...but Scott has never been and I LOVE TEXAS :D

So Tammy, we're getting excited! Get ready...because we are ;)

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Answer the questions above yourself!

George loves to bird watch ;)


  1. I love vacations haha. We've been lucky the past two years...Joe always had a two week summer leave from the army, so I would call off work the same time, and we would go visit friends in Charleston, SC and Delaware...he doesn't have that anymore, and we have no money sadly since we just moved, so I don't think we have any big vacations this year. I'm hoping to go see my family again in August, though, when the boys are on vacation with their family again!

    1. I love them as well :D
      Too bad in regards to this year :(
      Money disappears too quickly during moves...especially if you need to get a bunch of new things!
      Hope you can see your family in August as well!