Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Is that...sun I see?!

Well hey there! I'm the person that blogs for a couple days and then suddenly is MIA ;)
Nice to see you around here regardless of my negligence...

ANYWHO. I know, I've been doing poorly. Sometimes, life gets in the way y'know?
Then again...I definitely let it ;)

I actually have a few new things to share! But I'm going to hold out on ya until tomorrow.

Can you wait?
I think you can!

Well lately, we've been having no shortage of rain...but thanks to my blogging pal Amber, and her well wishes for sunny days, sunny days have indeed appeared! Just today, the sun came out today and with it, a big old smile on my face! (Now the Joker doesn't have to put it there for me - YAY!)

Why cannot I share more today?
Well because I haven't read a book in...well, many a month. And today I's just gots to do it!
I wouldn't say life is getting in the way...I got something up, didn't I?
A sister of mine was bugging me to give 'The Night Circus' a read quite some time ago and today...I'm starting ;)
This one's for you Hettie!

Love you too.

xo T

PS. Spidey (no, not Toby Maguire) has still not been found. I'm hoping he finally went to spider...hell.
Not because he was a bad spider... but because, in my world, that's where all spiders would go.


  1. Ahh enjoy the Night Circus! I read it two months ago and really liked it! It's different, but I thought it was very well written and really liked the characters :)

    1. I didn't get to read much...but I'm loving it so far! :D

  2. Yay! I'm SO glad that you got some sunshine. And I totally agree with you about the spiders. I'm sorry he's still MIA....that's terrifying. I hope he went to spider hell as well!

    1. I'm glad as well :D I've DEFINITELY been enjoying it!
      (Well...not as much as I'd like to...but as much as I CAN)

      Thank you for your sympathies ;)