Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rainy Days

I was just listening to the radio when 'I Can See Clearly Now (the rain has gone)' came on...

Well, I'm not going to talk about the song itself at all.
But rather take you on a journey of my thoughts...

It has been VERY rainy here lately and I have mixed feeling about the rain.

I much prefer rain to snow. So mainly I'm just glad the snow is gone ;)
However, with rain, you're almost guaranteed to be soaked unless you have water proof clothes/and umbrella. But at least it's not freezing outside?

Personally, I have a tendency for my mood to follow along with the weather a little bit.
I don't mind a bit of rain...but extended rainy spells generally cause a damper in my spirits.
Extended sunny days, make for a happy Trudy!
Hence why summer, or late spring, or early fall are my favorite!
(Except for the bugs...I HATE the bugs...) XP

But rainy days every here and there - love them! It's a great feeling to be all cozied up at home watching the rain come down and curling up with a book or good movie!

Rainy walks are also nice from time to time, so long as you can have a nice hot shower IMMEDIATELY afterwards! It feels strangely satisfying (to me)!

And I think we all like to watch a thunder/lighting storm every now and then ;)
Just me? 
Ok then...

What do you think?
Do you love the rain?

Love you too.

xo T


  1. Rain is usually only my favourite if there is a big thunder and lightning show! Otherwise it just gets me wet and annoyed. I'm sending sunshine your way!